Stanisclaus gets over 20 years in jail

Alistair Stanislause new home will be the Richmond Hill prison for a number of years

Alistair Stanislause new home will be the Richmond Hill prison for a number of years

He once described himself as a poultry farmer but small businessman Alistair Stanisclaus has turned out to be a law breaker.

The Mt. Parnassus resident was last Friday sentenced by female high court judge, Justice Margaret Price-Findley to over 22 years jail time at Richmond Hill for a series of crimes that he committed within the last three years.

Stanisclaus stood before Madam Justice Price-Finley along with his lawyer Peter David to hear the sentences.

He was given 10 years for Robbery, 10 for stealing and five years for possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition. These sentences will run concurrently.

The accused was arrested in 2012 for stealing $69,970 and $41,000 from different ATM’s machines belonging to Scotiabank.

Stanisclaus was also arrested in 2011 for a number of robberies, which includes the January 16, 2011 robbery at Club Bananas in True Blue involving just over $30,000,  as well as $29, 000 from C-TEC gas station in Grand Anse.

He also robbed Wayne “Waggy T” Redhead and his wife of $1900 on June 12th 2011.
During Friday’s hearing, Stanisclaus was given a chance to address the court, and took the opportunity to apologise for the series of crimes he had committed.

“Madam Justice, I am sorry for all the crimes I have committed against the state of Grenada. For all those whom I have hurt, no way they deserved what I did to them… I deserve to be punished. I used poor judgment and cannot justify my actions”, the prisoner told the court.

Stanisclaus also apologized to his son, who is plagued by sickle cell anemia, for not being able to support him financially and to his wife for not being able to support her emotionally.

He “confessed” that the monies that he had stolen were eventually taken away from him by another person.

His lawyer Peter David told the court that Stanisclaus was a very educated and intelligent man and hoped that society can use him for something good in the long run.

David suggested that the authorities can take steps to ensure that his time in jail could be used to help fight fraudulent crimes.

Stanisclaus still has one more matter before the court, which is escaping lawful custody.

Meanwhile, his brother who was slapped with a charge by police of trying to assist him in evading prosecution was placed on a $10, 000.00 bond to be of good behaviour.

Justice Price-Findley also ordered the brother to do Motivational Speeches at the Wesley College for the next three years but ruled that if any offences are committed he will serve one year at the Richmond Hill prison.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Stanisclaus plans to appeal the lenghty prison sentence imposed on him and is seeking the services of attorney-at-law Anselm Clouden to help prepare the legal papers.

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