Athletic Stadium Nearing Completion

Ambassador Ou Boqian along with members of the media tours Athletic Stadium

Ambassador Ou Boqian along with members of the media tours Athletic Stadium

The estimated time given for the completion of the Athletic Stadium is August barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Resident Chinese Ambassador to Grenada, Ou Boqian told reporters in St. George’s during a visit to the stadium site at Queen’s Park that the facility would be ready by then once everything goes well for the next several months.

Ambassador Ou invited members of the media to spend the day with her to visit a number of Chinese on-going projects on the island including the National Stadium.

The media was also able to quiz the Chinese construction company awarded the multi-million dollar contract to rebuild the facility, China State Engineering.

The Ambassador said the stadium is close to completion as not much construction work is needed to be done.

“For the main structure as you can see, it’s already completed. The main structure is on two sides of the stadium and what they are doing is, they are doing the roofing on one side and that part of the work is  to be finished next week. They are going to do the roofing of the other side and for the rest of the several months what they are going to do is the decorations, painting, seating – all the very sophisticated work,” she explained.

“The estimated time of the completion of this project is either June July or August – it all depends on how well they do in the following several months. Currently we have about 100 people working on this construction site including the management group and the technicians and we have about 50 local people working on the site at the same time so I believe it’s going to move very smoothly,” she said.

According to Ambassador Ou, the contractors have taken steps to ensure that the strength of the roofing is strong enough to withstand a Category Four or Five hurricane.

“When they (were) doing the design, they take into full consideration the effect of the Hurricane, especially the one we had in 2004. So from the very beginning and the design, they realise that we need to consolidate that one and they believe it could be in kind of consistent with a strong Hurricane like what we had in 2004,’ she remarked.

Officials of the construction company indicated that during the construction stages, they used a stronger concrete and reinforcement formula to consolidate the wall and the structure of the stadium.

The original 159-million E.C dollar stadium at Queen’s Park was built by the New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell with funds provided by a number of entities including the Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan.

It was severely damaged when Hurricane Ivan swept through the island in September 2004.

Within months of the devastation, Prime Minister Mitchell dumped Taiwan for the Chinese on the Mainland and signed a deal with Beijing which included the rebuilding of the cricket stadium at Queen’s Park in time for Grenada hosting its games in the 2007 ICC Cricket world Cup.

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