$4 millions in soft loans for houses

The soft loan programme is back on stream again for 2015, according to Minister of Social Development, Delma Thomas.

Addressing the local media at a post-Cabinet Press briefing, the female government minister said that the near two year old New National Party (NNP) administration has set aside four million E.C dollars for distribution to persons in need of financial assistance.

She said the programme was set at $2 million last year but it is now doubled.

“We have the soft loan which started last year. We had 2 million dollars – this year it’s doubled and it will be extended to Public Officers who are in need of assistance”, she told reporters.

According to Minister Thomas, she has held consultations with some trade unions to ensure that as most workers as possible can get assistance under the programme.

“…I remember when we started the Structural Adjustment Programme, we said that we are asking persons to share in the sacrifices of our country…. so we will be ensuring that workers (have) access to be able to repair their house to make addition, to be able to build a house because it’s up to $30,000 (in assistance),” she explained.

The female government minister pointed out that every worker in the country will be able to get a fair chance at accessing loans from the scheme.

She said that there are many applications that have been made and that persons should be receiving monies soon.

“We have hundreds of applications and by the end of this month some people will start building their houses or doing renovations. One of the problems we had is that a lot (of) persons applied and there were other documentations that need to come in and they didn’t bring in, so they haven’t got funds yet.

The Housing Authority said a number of persons had met the requirements and will receive,” she added.

Minister Thomas disclosed that some funds were left back from the 2 million dollars set aside for last year and those can be used to give to additional persons.

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