Residents unhappy with state of roads in Fort Jeudy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAResidents of the well-to-do Fort Jeudy area in St. George’s are appealing to Public Utilities Minister, Gregory Bowen to urgently come to their rescue to help tackle the state of disrepair of their roads.

THE NEW TODAY was approached by a few homeowners in the multi-million dollar commune to undertake a visit of the area to see the terrible state of the road network.

One of the residents told this newspaper that government used to help maintain the roads in Fort Jeudy but stopped giving assistance since 2007.

She expressed alarm at government’s inaction since the homeowners contribute in excess of one million dollars a year to the coffers of the Treasury in the form of Property Tax.

She pointed out that most of the residents, approximately 97 percent of them are also known to be strong supporters of the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell and voted heavily for the house in the last general elections.

She added that even a top member of the near two year old administration purchased nearly one acre of land in the upscale residential area.

Checks made by this newspaper reveal that the person holds one of the most senior positions in Cabinet and is the owner of Lot #98 which entails 37, 004 sq. ft of land.

According to the homeowner, the residents have been forced to go directly to Minister Bowen for assistance since the Member of Parliament for the constituency, Alexandria Otway-Noel, newly appointed Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister has apparently
abandoned them.

“Before the elections (February 2013) the lady used to be inside here all the time to meet with residents to get their votes but she no longer comes around. If she does come inside Fort Jeudy it’s being kept a big secret. I certainly am not aware of any visit by the MP since the election”, she said.

This newspaper was able to obtain the copy of a letter that was prepared by the unhappy Fort Jeudy residents to send to Minister Bowen on the situation with their roads:

Minister of Public Utilities and Works,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am writing on behalf of the Fort Jeudy Residents Association to ask for your assistance with the Fort Jeudy roads, particularly Sunset Drive, which are currently in a terrible state.

We have previously requested and received assistance from the Ministry with repairing the roads in Fort Jeudy, but unfortunately this assistance was brought to an abrupt halt in 2007, leaving Sunset Drive in a state of disrepair.

The situation on Sunset Drive has become so bad that there are sections of road where ordinary cars can no longer drive. While the Association has been devoting a portion of maintenance dues collected from Lot Owners towards road repair, the amount of work required on Sunset Drive is beyond the Association’s financial abilities at this time.

Fort Jeudy has been designated one of the points of interest for Tour Operators as well as other Visitors to Grenada, and we do get quite a lot of tragic on our roads, particularly Sunrise Drive and Sunset Drive. I am sure that you will agree that it is unfair to the residents of Fort Jeudy to be paying for the road repairs when the public as well as the residents are using the roads in Fort Jeudy.

In light of the current situation we are again appealing to the Ministry for help. We would like to ask whether you can use your good office to restart the government assistance that was abruptly terminated in 2007 in order to complete the resurfacing of Sunset Drive.

In light of the foregoing, we are appealing to you as Minister of Works, to please address this problem we have with our roads, and we look forward to your response.

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