Pay up or face court action!!!

The Fort Jeudy Association (JDA) plans to take a tough line with owners of land and other property in the well-to-do area who are delinquent in payment of dues for the upkeep of the community.

According to well-placed sources, a number of letters would be sent out this month to several persons who are in default with their payments for a number of years.

He singled out for special mention a current top official of the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell who has not paid his dues for a number of years.

He said the person “is owing a few thousands well” for about three lots of land he purchased some years ago in the Fort Jeudy Area.

THE NEW TODAY was told that the named person owns “Lot 239, Lot 240 and Lot 240R at Fort Jeudy.

According to the official, these lots total 46, 853 sq.ft of land and if sold at the current rate of EC$30 a sq.ft can fetch the owner something like EC$1.4 million.

“No one has any special favours inside Fort Jeudy. It does not matter who the person is or their status in society. It is normal for the association to go after all the persons who are in default with their payments. As far as I know letters go out every January to persons reminding them of their dues”, he said.

The source pointed to a recent incident in which a current senior member of the NNP-led Cabinet of Ministers was owing the association approximately EC$12, 000.00 in non-payment of dues for years on his ownership of nearly one-acre of land in Fort Jeudy.

He said the government official was not meeting his payment schedules for years and was written to on a number of occasions to address his outstanding arrears.

He added that it had reached the stage where the association was about to take legal action when funds were eventually sent by the individual known to be a mufti-millionaire to take care of his outstanding arrears.

The government official reportedly owns Lot #98 at Fort Jeudy which has a current real estate value of EC$1 million.

The arrears were paid off after the change of government in February 2013 in which the NNP won all fifteen seats.

This newspaper understands that the conduit with the funds for Lot #98 at Fort Jeudy is a current member of the Upper House of Parliament.

There are also reports that the association was forced to take legal action against one of the country’s top medical official who invested in a mufti-million dollar house which is currently rented out at Fort Jeudy.

The matter was sent for Mediation before the local courts with the medical official agreeing to pay a monthly sum of money to clear off his arrears with the association.

Several of the lots in Fort Jeudy are currently owned by persons who can be described as the “Who is Who” in the Grenadian society such as lawyers, doctors, dentists and hoteliers.

About four years ago, a top official in the main opposition National Democratic Congress reportedly sold his lot at Fort Jeudy for approximately EC$700, 000.00 and invested in another property at Westerhall Point.

The real estate market in Grenada is said to be very lucrative for a number of locals.

THE NEW TODAY understands that home owners in Fort Jeudy pay in excess of one million dollars each year to government in Property Tax.

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