The Chester Simon Saga

Chester Simon

Chester Simon

The seizure by Customs of a container of items brought into the island by Grenadian-born Chester Simon who now resides in Switzerland is being closely monitored by nationals in the diaspora.

It was locked down by Customs officials a few days after the Ministry of Health was able to secure medical supplies that were among various other items that were brought in for them in the container.

A member of the Grenadian Community who said he was part of the team working alongside Simon in securing items for Grenada, phoned into a local FM radio programme and asked questions about the status of the container.

The caller said the Grenadian Community in Switzerland has been working with Simon for the past ten years to help the people of Grenada.

He feared that if this is the attitude being displayed by local authorities when gifts are sent to Grenada, it would be very difficult for them to continue with their efforts.

THE NEW TODAY has been reliably informed that the Customs was ordered to lock down the Container after it was alleged that some of the contained items were not on the list provided to the authorities for clearance.

There are unconfirmed reports that some of the items were for “charitable purposes”, as well as a vehicle on which Customs duties were allegedly paid.

Another knowledgeable source said that some of the other items were musical instruments which Simon brought in to deliver to the people of Birchgrove, St. Andrew’s as a memorial to his deceased brother “Broko” who was one of the country’s musical icon.

Government’s Press Secretary Keisha Alexander Grant told a local television station that the container was repossessed by Customs to ascertain the ownership of some of the items as they were not related to the Ministry of Health.

Grant said when the container which was brought to Mt. Gay was opened for the handing over ceremony with the medical supplies it was noticed that there were several items inside it that had nothing to do with the Ministry of Health.

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