Curtains come down on LIME Christmas promotion

Curtains come down on LIME Christmas promotion

Curtains come down on LIME Christmas promotion

The last 20 winners of LIME upgrade Christmas promotion received their prizes bringing the total to 105 winners overall.

The presentations of Alcatel tablets and Fugoo Bluetooth speakers were made last week Monday at the LIME Training Centre at Mt Hartman.

The ten persons winning Fugoo Speakers were: Esther Andrews, Donnel Charles, Christa Mitchell, Junior James, Patricia Phillip, Shakira Millet, Debra Eastwood, Eric La Touche, Eric Calliste and Sherine Bagwan.

The ten Alcatel Tablets winners were: Albert Fortune, Fabian Lewis.

Sarah Augustine, Sheena Jones, Che Cummings, Martin Bartholomew, Mike Cohen, Sherice Greendige, Joan James and Miehelle Rennie.

Marketing Manager of LIME, Rolston Mitchell recalled the process customers had to go through to become winners.

“This campaign was launched on November 15th  – every week we had winners, over 20 winners. Today marks a total of 105 persons winning themselves Alcatel tablets, Fugoo Speakers, Food hampers. Of course the fact that you are here is because you would have done one of three things –  top up your phone 15 dollars or more, upgrade your data plan or sign up for e-billing service,” said Mitchell.

He disclosed that two of the winners are Facebook top fans.

“We also had another component to the Christmas campaign whereby persons visiting our Facebook page, liking our content, sharing it, commenting on it got a chance to win as well and we also have what you call Facebook top fans Sheriece Greenidge and Shakira Millet”, he said.

“…So we encourage people to visit the Facebook page as well because you never know, every week we may have trivia questions and you can win different things by just visiting the Facebook page,” he added.

Corporate Communications Officer of LIME, Zoey Hagley encouraged customers to stick with LIME as there may very well be more on offer soon.

“It has been a fantastic promotion; this ends our first upgrade Christmas promotion. We started on November 15th; we wanted to do something new that goes with our new image. So this upgrade Christmas promotion we wanted to give as many customers as possible a prize, so it wasn’t just a selected prize but we had 105 winners at the end of the upgrade Christmas promotion. This ends Christmas but it’s not the end of us, of course we have Independence coming up so you can look forward to great promotions from LIME once again,” she remarked.

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