Super Deals gives to charity

Super Deals boss, Cliff Wadally hands over Wheel Chair to Ministry of Social Development official

Super Deals boss, Cliff Wadally hands over Wheel Chair to Ministry of Social Development official

Although in business less than a year now, Super Deals is demonstrating that it plans to be a good corporate citizen.

The Ministry of Social Development has been given a Wheel Chair, a pair of Crutches and a box of Catheters from the Management of Super Deals in keeping with the spirit of Christmas.

The presentation was made last week Monday at the Super Deals store located on Melville Street to the Director at the Ministry of Social Development, Veronica Charles.

This initiative of Super Deals was geared at giving back something that will be lasting, especially in the New Year.

Journalist Calistra Farrier who was doing the Public Relations on behalf of Super Deals,“At Christmas time, we give a lot to the less fortunate and Carol and Cliff Badally who are owners of Super Deals store were thinking what can we do at Christmas time to make a difference. Everybody will be giving food and so on and tend to after a while in the new year there is nothing left so they decided to give something that would last, so they’re giving a wheel chair, catheters and clutches to the Ministry of Social Development in order for them to distribute to the homes”, she said.

“…The whole sentiment behind it is that Grenada has been very good to him and he felt that he wanted to give something back at this time so he made the decision to (do) this because he understands the pressure on the state to provide for everybody and given that he is able and happy to do his part to assist in helping the country to do what we need to do and of course taking care of our elderly and our children is a means of what a nation has to do to hold its head high,” she added.

Charles who accepted the gift on behalf  of the Ministry pointed out that, “we know that government cannot do everything and we are very happy when our corporate citizens can come forward and make donations like this.

“This is the season of giving and sharing and that’s the best way that it can be done to make sure that those who are less fortunate will be happier for the season and for the new year,” she remarked.

Super Deals also gave back something to its customers through a short promotion held over  the Christmas holiday season.

Customers who spent $200 or more on any of the items in the store, qualified to take part in a draw to win a serving bowl, salad spinner and mirror.

There were three  lucky winners.

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