Murder on Christmas Day

Guyanese Ruis Mentore received fatal stab wound in the Limes

Guyanese Ruis Mentore received fatal stab wound in the Limes

Police are investigating the death of a 22-year-old Venezuelan born Guyanese national who succumbed to a stabbing wound early Christmas morning.

Dead is Ruis Mentore of Mahaicony, Guyana who resided at the Limes at Grand Anse, St George with his mother and other family members.

His mother, Joan Conway was quoted by a daily newspaper in Guyana as saying that after viewing the battered body of her son at the hospital, she knew that he would not survive.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Mentore came into Grenada in August for vacation and decided to stay on to enjoy the Christmas holiday with his family.

Speaking to reporters Monday at a post-Christmas press briefing, Officer in Charge of the Community Relations Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Gregory Mathurine said that no one has yet been formally charged with the murder.

“…We have one person in custody assisting us presently with the investigation but no one has been charged with committing the crime yet but we think that would happen soon,” he said.

The incident reportedly took place close to the house where the deceased was staying with family members.

Mentore had earlier in the night attended a party in the area when the confrontation started with some other young men in the area allegedly over a young female.

According to ASP Mathurine, the Christmas homicide takes to eight the number of murders for the year in Grenada.

During the press briefing, RGPF announced that it was investigating the hospitalisation of two young boys from different incidents over the use of firecrackers which are considered as illegal on the island.

ASP Mathurine said the two boys received burns and one of them, a nine year old lost three fingers from the use of the fire cracker.

Recalling that the police had done a public education programme on the legality of the use of fire crackers and its danger to the public, the senior police officer said: “People do not seem to get the message that this can be very dangerous and harmful towards children”.

One of the incidents occurred in St Andrew’s and the other on the sister isle of Carriacou.

ASP Mathurine announced that as soon as sufficient evidence is gathered, someone will be charged in connection with the incident.

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