RSS hands over certificates to 22 officers across the region

22 trainees stand with RSS officials and members of the Royal Grenada Police Force

22 trainees stand with RSS officials and members of the Royal Grenada Police Force

Twenty-two officers from seven Caribbean countries have received certificates after engaging in weeks of training under the Regional Security System (RSS).

The graduation ceremony for the officers took place at the Grenadian by Rex resort recently in the presence or RSS officials and members of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

The Staff and Command course equipped officers to handle every day and emerging problems in their different countries.

One of the topics covered in the course was for participants to produce a 5000 word essay which should among other things focus on recommendations to address topics relevant to the current security environment.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Major Telbert Benjamin, Academic Director for RSS training said that the range of topics selected for research were similar to the diversity “of our participants including work issues such as the legalisation of Marijuana and its possible consequences.

According to Benjamin some of the other issues dealt with were preparedness for security agencies to address the impact of natural disasters, the impact of HIV/AIDS on the tourism sector and the relevance of the regional security system within the current security environment.

Another major issue which occupied the attention of the RSS trainees were overcrowding in prison, youth rehabilitation and migration.

Benjamin said that all participants met the required standard of the course for certificates to be handed out to them.

“Based on the feedback from our participants during our debrief and evaluation sessions, the course can be said to have achieved and exceeded their expectations. All agreed generally that their learning objectives were met, their level of knowledge skills have improved significantly and the various aspects of knowledge gained can be put into practice in their various work places,” he added.

Director of Training at RSS, Yvonne Alexander who also spoke at the ceremony reminded the participants that the training received would help them to start a very important journey in their lives in becoming respected police officers wherever they are based.

“We have added 22 more individuals to our agents of change. Our law enforcement officers across the region (are) equipped with 22 additional individuals who are much more equipped to undertake the task that we have responsibility for”, she said.

“…The fact is, development of knowledge and skills is absolutely necessary and I think much more so for us who operate in law enforcement and security agencies because really and truly what we do we exist to enhance the public good,” she told the graduates.

The participants were encouraged by Acting Commissioner of Police of RGPF, Winston James to go out there and execute what they have learnt over the weeks of training.

“Remember training is an integral part of every organisation and the fact that you were selected is a clear indication that your organisation recognises you as part of its valuable human resource that can be nurtured to help achieve its goals and vision in the management and leadership position”, said Commissioner James.

“…The ball is now in your court to accept the challenge and opportunity given to you through the training you receive, you are now prepared for the battle and your organisation expects that you will play a leading role from today onwards”, he remarked.

Deputy Executive Director of RSS, Bertie Hinds told participants that they now have an advantage over others as a result of the course.

“Everything you have been exposed to in this course can be placed into context regarding the work of the RSS and the continued development of our security forces…”, he said.

“…I trust that you’ve found the course very useful for the further development of your careers and your organisations respectively,” he added.

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