Things are just the same!!!

I was listening to Mr. George Grant’s programme on Sunday morning and was interested in the contributions of both Mr. Archibald and Mr. Brathwaite.

The two of them said a lot of things that made sense to me. The only problem I have with the two gentlemen is that they should have said those things before the last elections to help the people to make a much better informed decision.

As a matter of fact, I got the impression that Mr. Archibald was saying things in such a way that the electorate would have felt that he was batting for the NNP.

Mr. Brathwaite was not heard much before the elections but everyone suspected that the Lance Aux Epines crowd went the way of Alex in 2013.

The hoteliers in the south were most vocal in saying openly that they stand to lose their properties under the NDC Government.

As soon as NNP was voted back in office, they started to sing a different tune. All of a sudden they found money to keep their properties open.

Mr. Brathwaite’s wife was also heard to make the statement after the elections that Grenada now has a government. So NDC was not a government but NNP is a government. Is Mrs. Brathwaite singing the same tune today? If she is then she and her husband are on different wave bands.

When I read the newspaper a few weekends ago, I looked at a statement that was put out by the Taxpayers Association in which the same Mr. Brathwaite is the big man in it.

It was clear from the statement that Mr. Brathwaite and the boys are saying that the current policies being pursued by Dr. Mitchell and NNP are leading the country to bankruptcy. Pardon me, sir, the country is already bankrupt in case you did not know.

However, Mr. B, please be careful because the Prime Minister would be taking notes of what you are saying.  You have hit the man a wicked blow under the belt when you said that all the youths can look forward to in Grenada is a $35 a day debushing work on the side of the road.

That is true Mr. Brathwaite but people like Dr. Mitchell do not like to hear this kind of thing. He would interpret it to mean that you are trying to put him out of business as the Prime Minister of the country and the man can get very vindictive.

If HiTech is getting work from the government you can expect NNP to issue a decree to the civil servants to pull the plug.

The truth does really hurt and some do not like to hear it repeated too often. My neighbour has three boys who went to study overseas. All three of them have graduated or nearing graduation and will not come back home to look for work since there is nothing here for them to do.

Hell no, they will not line up in front of a party office to put down their names to get a debushing job once every four months on the roadside. This is quite insulting to them.

One of them is a Mechanical Engineer and was hired by a company in Florida while he was still at school. Another is doing medicine and has already told his parents that he will stay outside and work for some time before thinking of coming back home.

The other boy is already working with a big computer company in California and is making thousands of dollars each month. He has a young family with a wife and little girl. Why would they want to come back to Grenada? If anyone of the family got sick, they would have to fly back to the U.S for medical treatment.

Our hospital is just not cutting it with a lot of Grenadians who are living outside the country and have been exposed to medical care in North America.

As far as many of us parents are concerned, Dr. Mitchell is just good at talking the talk and nothing more. His actions and deeds run parallel to each other and will never meet up at some point.

The man is just good at running a country when a lot of money is around but is lacking in good managerial skills which is what is now needed in Grenada.

I hope he learn something from Earle Brathwaite when he addressed the annual GCIC gala and offered constructive suggestions on the way forward.

I want to suggest to Ex-Senator Brathwaite who was a former President of GCIC that Mr. Earle Brathwaite should be high on the list of persons you should invite to be part of your Think Tank Group.

Do not give NNP the suggestions for free because they would take it and try and sell it as their own.

Let them pay royalty for the thing.

Island Lover

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