Distribution of Chinese houses

More than fifty persons have been selected to receive houses from the government, the Ministry of Social Development and Housing announced on Christmas Eve day.

The announcement signals the start of the distribution, in phases, of housing units constructed by the People’s Republic of China.

The fifty-five persons comprising of pre-selected clients from the previous housing committee and critical needs cases have been selected as the first batch of applicants to receive housing at Mt. Gay and Soubise.

All successful applicants will be contacted by the Housing Authority of Grenada so that the necessary process can begin prior to occupation of the apartments.

A number of persons have also been shortlisted to receive housing units in Frequente as well but have not been named due to incomplete sewer connections.

It is anticipated that the apartments at Frequente will be available in January.

The Selection Committee further anticipates that full occupation will be achieved before Grenada’s Independence in February 2015.

Meanwhile,  the Ministry has announced that thirty-five applicants have been selected as the first recipients for the Soft Loan Programme.

The Ministry looks forward to further collaboration with the Housing Authority of Grenada as we strive to address the housing needs of our citizen

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