Workers are concerned about the chemistry!!!

The following remarks were made at a sitting of the upper house just over a week ago by Trade Union representative in the Senate, Raymond Roberts to welcome three new government senators – Chester Humphrey, Peter David and Noland Cox.

Mr. President, on behalf of the workers movement and workers in general, we congratulate you on your elevation to the esteem position of President of the Senate.

Clearly, it is the wisdom of our Government to identify the best talents and put them to work for the good of the state and the people. We want to wish you God’s richest blessings and wisdom in your lofty position and trust that his wisdom will forever guide you in your decision making.

Let me also extend the workers congratulations to Senator Peter David who like you Mr. President, the Government has chosen to play this important legislative role. You are a seasoned politician with many years of experience.

Let me also warmly welcome Senator Noland Cox, a public officer for 17 years – serving in Agriculture and as Hospital Administrator. I have no doubt you will provide quality service to the people of Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

I also want to congratulate you Senator (Simon) Stiell on your elevation to the position of Leader of Government Business. No doubt, you have the talent.

Mr. President and Senator David – while we extend our best wishes, I must also say to you that in the case of our distinguished President who has an affinity with the workers movement, that workers are concerned about the chemistry of your new role and that of your traditional role! The chemistry of Government and Union is always a troubling one.

Mr. President, I consider you and Senator David and our distinguished Prime Minister as three wise men and the question is: Will your chemistry work? And if it does, in whose favour!

No doubt, you have distinguished yourself in labour and your future performance in this role will be recorded in history, as judged by the workers of this nation who might still be looking to you for leadership.

In the midst of your celebrations and that of your friends, I must say to you that many Grenadians are troubled by your initiative which our Prime Minister now champions in this Parliament – Project Grenada!

Mr. President and Sen. David, you are aware of your history prior to 1979, and 1983 – periods of wretched pain for the Grenadian people, perhaps the most severe pain inflicted on a people since independence.

No one disagrees with a call for unity – the world needs it – however, those who want to lead unity must first be the example, not in words but action!
The last time Sen. David, you and myself had a lengthy conversation was at the Calliste R.C Church which you and 26 others attended. The Priest that morning preached and highlighted Peter who had denied Christ and Peter following the crucifixion and resurrection – he loved Christ and was spotless and did great things for the people of the Lord.

Go read the Chapters in the Bible on Acts and you get a clear message Sen. David – that message is to be a man pure in heart.

Mr. President in that same Book of Acts, the name Saul makes very attractive reading – he prosecuted God’s people but traveling along the road to Damascus he experienced a life time change! He fell to the earth and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul why persecute my people!

Mr. President, go read for yourself and you will see the work of Saul then named Paul thereafter – he did great things to create and win followers for the Lord Jesus.

Mr. President, let’s not fool ourselves there is no Nelson Mandela in Grenada! Mandela was true to his principles and never changed sides with the tide. We cannot talk unity when there are people in Project Grenada who use a particular newspaper and some radio stations to destroy some people’s character.

The unity that Project Grenada preaches must be manifested in trust, not the self interest of the chosen few.

Again, I join with all and sundry to wish you Mr. President, Sen. David and Senator Cox the very best.

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