Constantine Methodist School tops Essay competition

Constantine Methodist receiving Championship trophy

Constantine Methodist receiving Championship trophy

The Constantine Methodist School received an early Christmas gift, in the form of a championship trophy, as it emerged the winner of the St. George’s North East Youth Arm Youth in Action essay competition 2014.

In an award ceremony held on December 11 at the Constantine Methodist School, grade five student, Priya Campbell, was awarded with a trophy and tablet computer, for her winning essay on the topic of the elderly.

Her prize was sponsored by the Parliamentary Representative for St.
George’s North East Constituency, Tobias Clement who commended the student, saying, “I can say that this is a young lady who will live unto a greater future.”

Acting Principal of the Constantine Methodist School, Shundalyn Scott, said, “I am truly elated. This is indeed a proud moment for the staff and students of CMS, especially now, as we struggle to improve literacy at our school. Priya’s accomplishment signals to the rest of the students that it is possible for them to excel. With God, all things are possible!”

Diamond Glean of Grenada Junior Academy and Canaa James of First Choice Junior School tied for second place. They also received trophies and other prizes.
President of the St. George’s North East Youth Arm Youth in Action,Kayda Joseph said, “The competition was geared to increasing and enhancing literacy among the students, as a measure of developing the human resource of our country.”

The competition was organised for all the primary schools in the St. George’s North East Constituency.

In his remarks, MP Clement said of children, “Outside of giving them a firm footing on Godliness and what is right, the best investment youcan make in your kids and in yourself is an investment in their education.”

Each school was asked to submit five essay entries from grade five students, which defined the term elderly, discussed the importance of elderly persons in their community and which stated what they thought could be done to improve elderly persons’ lifestyle.

Five schools participated in this competition: Alpha Junior, Beaulieu
New Testament, Constantine Methodist, First Choice Junior School and Grenada Junior Academy. All participating students received a certificate of participation.

MP Clement extended congratulations to the winners and other participants and commended the organisers of the competition for their successful execution of the project.

He also applauded the youth group for their show of appreciation for the elderly, in choosing to focus the essay topic on this demographic.

President of the group Joseph said, “The group exists for the purpose of developing and strengthening our constituency through educational and life skill programmes and activities.”

She also noted that “The group operates in the best interest of the constituency and is committed to assisting in different areas, enhancing interpersonal skills, building team spirit and assisting to eradicate the many ills of our society.”

District Education Officer, in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource, Gloria Bonaparte, was present to assist with the distribution of certificates.

The 2014 Carnival Queen, Ebony Telesford, showed her support of the initiative, as part of the youth group, by delivering the vote of thanks to conclude the ceremony.

The sponsors of the essay competition included Stones Custom Graphics, Bryden & Minors and Mark’s Sport’s Bar, who provided prizes.

The essays were judged by Justin Benjamin, a teacher at the Westmorland Secondary school.

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