Christmas Party for Children with Special Needs and Disabilities

Digicel 3No celebration of Christmas is meaningful without a focus on Children. Someone has rightly said “In the eyes of children we find the joy of Christmas. In their hearts we find its meaning.”

For the third consecutive year, Digicel has ensured that the joy and meaning of Christmas is not lost on children attending school for Special Needs and those in institutions for persons with disabilities and that they are not denied the pleasure of an enjoyable Christmas party.

“Persons with Special Needs and Disabilities have been at the heart of our sponsorships and support since our launch here,” said Patricia Maher, country manager, “but at Christmas our focus is on the children with special needs and disabilities. Having done this for the past three years and recognising the joy and sparkle it brings, it has become our most important activity during the Christmas season.”

The staff at Digicel got to work putting all the pieces in place for six institutions – Victoria School for Special Education, St. Andrew’s School for Special Education, Grand Anse School for Special Education, Bell Air Home for kids, Dorothy Hopkin Center for the Disabled and the Grenada school for the visually impaired – to ensure that the children have another memorable Christmas party.

The annual party was held in St David at the OK Fun Spot, the locally owned Coney Island in Baillies Bacolet on December 13.

Digicel takes this opportunity to wish all children everywhere Merry Christmas!

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