Christmas message from GULP

Ladies and gentlemen of the tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

The leadership of the G.U.L.P would first,like to thank every Grenadian, for welcoming us into their homes at Christmas time.  For this, we are sincerely grateful.

We stand with unequivocal faith in God and with an immense confidence in the people of this Nation.

As we bring closure to the year 2014 and begin the New Year, we must be thankful for peace here at home.

People of Grenada, this is also time for reflection; it is a time when our thoughts and well being are faced with many challenges.

Together, we are to take an in-depth look at where we were as a Nation and People and think about where we would like to be in the next twenty years.

Undoubtedly, we would all unanimously conclude that while our physical country has changed dramatically in the last 35 years, we still remain a poor and dependent people.

Going forward we need to focus on those issues that we lead our people out of poverty and provide greater Independence in thought and actions.  In this regard, we need to seek our individual freedom, to identify our own way so that we can make a good living for ourselves and our generation to come.

Going forward, we need to reduce our dependence on others, including government, and to recognise that in each one of us there is a great talent and natural ability that we are not using, that we are not exploiting, but that which we can use to become rich and at the same time make our country rich.

We therefore need to rethink the role of government in the economy, and of the kind of government that can give us the freedom to make full use of our individual natural ability for the benefit of ourselves and of our people.

These are thoughts we would like you to fashion as you enjoy your Christmas holidays and prepare for the New Year.  A New Year we believe in which the people of Grenada would begin to prepare themselves to choose substance over empty rhetoric.  And it is here that the GULP would be disposed to serve you.

We in the Grenada United Labor Party intend to bring a new kind of politics to Grenada, to reinvent government with a definitive approach on how best to make government work to benefit the vast majority of people and not a privilege few.

As a nation, together, we can and we will, reduce our huge national debt; we can lower the high level inflation; cut taxes including property taxes and leave working families with most of their hard earn dollars to spend as they wish.  We will put our Grenadian people to work and get this economy moving.

In the spirit of Julien Fedon and the founder of our party, Sir Eric Gairy, we will provide you many merry Christmases.

In the coming months and years the G.U.L.P is building a political party with men and women alike, with more will than wallets.  There is hope.  The morning would come and the sun would soon rise again.

Hail Grenada land of ours we pledge ourselves to thee.

Grenada will most certainly move again under the leadership of the G.U.L.P.

Have a wonderful Christmas and best of wishes for the New Year.

May God continue to bless this beautiful island of ours, we know as home, Grenada.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, good night and God bless.

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