Trafficker Murdered in Trinidad

Sammy Cadet

Sammy Cadet

Less than 12 hours after stepping foot on Trinidad soil from one of the schooners plying the Grenada/Trinidad trafficking route, Carenage resident Sammy Cadet, 37 was gunned down by assassins in the twin island oil republic.

Sammy succumbed last week Wednesday around 6.00 p.m. to multiple gun shot wounds at a house in Clifton Hill, East Dry River, Port-of-Spain.

According to police reports in Trinidad, 37-year old man who was often seen on a bicycle on the Carenage was in the house with his common-law wife, Jacqueline Job, and her four sons, who are all autistic, when five masked gunmen ran into their yard.

Two of the gunmen forced their way into the house while three stood guard outside.

Cadet was shot several times by the gunmen and died at the scene.

Police said the shooting was apparently linked to an argument between Cadet and a relative of a deceased gang leader in Grenada earlier this year.

Speaking with the media at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, Job said Cadet returned to the island hours before he was killed having been gone for just over a month.

She said the two had already discussed marriage and Cadet had bought their wedding rings and was planning to repair her home, which was firebombed sometime ago.

“He liked to clean, always cleaning and washing. All I had to do was cook. We were together since 2011 but like I am not to have anyone in my life because something always happening,” a distraught Job said.

Cadet’s common law wife, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said she would miss her husband greatly as he was a kind and loving man who took care of her and her three children.

“We might not have had children together, but I have three autis­tic sons on my own and he was always helping. He was cooking, cleaning, washing, he would even groom them. He didn’t like me to do any­thing. He truly treated me like a queen; only thing he might allow me to do is cook once in a while,” she said.

“He simply just loved helping around the household. That’s what I am going to remember most about him.”

The shooting to death of Cadet sent shock waves throughout the Grenadian traffickers that visit Trinidad and Tobago on a weekly business to engage in trading.

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