THE NEW TODAY has been told that close to $275, 000.00 is reported missing from the River Sallee Co-operative Credit Union in St. Patrick’s.

A usually reliable source told this newspaper that fingers are pointing in the direction of a senior employee who is believed to have since left the island for the United States.

When this newspaper called to speak to the manager of the credit union on Wednesday morning, a female person who took the call said that he wanted to know what was the subject matter.

“ I told her it was private and I needed to speak to the manager alone on the issue. She took my name and telephone contact numbers and said that he would call in due course. Up to the time of going to press, the manager did not call”, said the senior journalist at THE NEW TODAY.

According to reports reaching our News Desk, the Board of Directors of the credit union has been very tight-lipped on the alleged missing money in order not to create panic among its shareholders.

A source said that a close relative of his is very concerned at the allegation, due to the fact that he had entrusted certain monies with the individual to deposit with the credit union.

He spoke of the relative giving the senior employee about $2,500.00 in recent months to deposit on his account and is suspicious that all the monies cannot be properly accounted for.

“ I personally gave the woman $2,000.00 to put on my account in order to pay back on a loan that I took out from the credit union. I trusted her so I gave her the money in cash. I also gave one of my relatives another $500.00 to deposit on the account. He was given a receipt for the $500.00 but no receipt was given for the $2,000.00. I need to know what is happening”, he remarked.

The source said that the shareholder intends to seek a meeting with management at the Credit Union to raise his concerns.

The suspect is known to be a leading member of a family that is considered as strong supporters of the ruling New National Party (NNP) in the St. Mark’s constituency.

In recent years, moves were afoot to merge the River Sallee Credit Union with two others in close proximity – the Tivoli Co-operative Credit Union and the Hermitage Co-operative Credit Union in order to cut cost and make them more viable for shareholders.

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