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Leroy Neckles – must be feeling on top of the world with the good news for the local bottling company

Leroy Neckles – must be feeling on top of the world with the good news for the local bottling company

It is said that excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what one has to offer many times over.

Grenada Distillers Limited always strives to provide excellence in the services we offer, the products we provide and the extent to which we provide those services, beyond the boundaries of Grenada.

This year we pushed the button of change by giving a brand new look to the following Clarke’s Court products: Superior Light, Special Dark, Rum Lemon and Rum Sorrel, in order to enhance their images inboth the local and international markets.

To this end, we can proudly boast that this rebranding initiative has been a success! The responses to the new look have been overwhelmingly positive both locally and internationally.

We have been informed by one of our international distributors, Ramsey Rum UK Limited that Clarke’s Court Special Dark Rum is being featured during the month of November on the 2015 edition of the Whiskey Retailers Taste Calendar – the UK’s largest online calendar.

Clarke’s Court Special Dark is warm mellow rum, golden in color, blended and aged in traditional oak barrels. Special Dark is 40% alcohol by volume and well loved by those who prefer gentle smooth tasting rums.

It has won numerous gold medals internationally and will be the only product on the calendar not represented in the United Kingdom by a power house brand.

Special Dark is the only product with a marketing spend of less than the requirement for entry, £15,000.00 per year, to be included in this calendar.

The calendar entry affords the product, and by extension the Clarke’s Court brand,  added media coverage by both bloggers and spirits commentators.

Mr Leroy Neckles, Chairman of Grenada Distillers Limited, home of the Clarke’s Court brand, said: “Grenada Distillers Limited is pleased to be associated with the initiative taken to produce this calendar. We are striving to improve our presentation to our local and international customers; in this regard, we have seen significant improvement. In upcoming weeks there will be new products and further improved packaging.”

Grenada Distillers Limited, producer, bottler and distributor of Grenada’s No 1 Rum, is the larger of two rum distilleries on the island.

(The above was submitted by Grenada Distillers Limited which is located at Woodlands, St. George’s)

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