New Chairperson for Spicemas

Joslyn Sylvester-Gairy has been put in charge of Spicemas corporation

Joslyn Sylvester-Gairy has been put in charge of Spicemas corporation

Former Chairman of the Grenada Cultural Foundation (GCF), Joslyn Sylvester-Gairy is the new head of the Spicemas Corporation taking over from Alistair Bain who reportedly handed in his resignation last week Monday.

Sylvester-Gairy was sworn in as the new Chairperson a few hours after Bain allegedly quit the post.

The businessman who is a resident of St. George North-west of the Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell was appointed to head Spicemas  shortly after the New National Party (NNP) was returned to power in the 2013 general elections.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Bain cited as his reason for resignation a heavy workload with his job with the state-owned Grenada Development Bank (GDB).

The Spicemas body had come in for tremendous criticisms from stakeholders in the 2014 carnival celebrations over a number of shortcomings.

Alister Bain –  much speculation about his  resignation

Alister Bain – much speculation about his

Leading spokesman on steel bands in the country, David “Peck” Edwards had slammed the Bain-led Spicemas outfit for the poor facilities provided for the hosting of the Children Carnival Frolic (CCF) at the Tanteen Netball Complex.

There are also unconfirmed reports that Bain had been absent from a number of recent Board meetings of Spicemas Corporation.

Speculation was rife that the SMC board was not functioning the way it ought to since the Chairman was not able to execute his duties as competently as he should and his resignation came as no surprise.

This newspaper contacted SMC General Manager, Amanda Smith last week Tuesday to comment on the issues surrounding the resignation of Bain but she declined.

“I can’t comment on that, the best person to speak with is the Minister (Sen. Brenda Hood),” she said.

However, calls to the Minister went unanswered and Bain himself was not available for comment.

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