Food Fair celebrates 50 years

Managing Director of Hubbards, Allan Bierzynski

Managing Director of Hubbards, Allan Bierzynski

December 1 was designated as Customer Appreciation Day at Food Fair, one of the companies owned and operated by Jonas Browne and Hubbard G’da Limited.

The company also set aside December 6 to hand out a number of awards for retirees and staff at Food Fair on the Carenage, which started business in 1964.

The planned events are all part of celebrations to mark 50 years of service to the Grenadian public by Food Fair.

The celebrations are being held under the theme: “50 years of Delivering Quality Service and Affordable Prices”.

Speaking at a press briefing at the supermarket located on the Carenage last Thursday, the company’s Director responsible for Food Services, Nicholas Harris gave a brief insight into what Food Fair was like when it started business.

“When I joined Food Fair it was not as we see it now, we made a lot of changes in 1985 to 1986. We made adjustments to this building – it used to be everything on one floor, Preparation room at the back, where you prepare meat and rice and sugar and flour.

“We had to find space to expand the market so we went up. So presently we have an upper floor where we do preparations, we have the Packing rooms upstairs and Supermarket expanded right to the back.

Nicholas Harris the Director responsible for Food Services at the supermarket is proud to see the progress Food Fair has made

Nicholas Harris the Director responsible for Food Services at the supermarket is proud to see the progress Food Fair has made

“As you go along you recognise you got to change and to make your business more efficient. We recognise that the Cash Registers we were using were outdated and in 2004 we computerised the business. So we actually started scanning goods, as you would see today.

According to Harris, the changes were “to make the place more user friendly”.

He said, the supermarket had a little setback from Hurricane Ivan in 2004 but was able to resume service within two days of its passing.

He identified one of the achievements for the supermarket in serving its customers was the introduction of a shuttle bus service from the supermarket on the Carenage to the Bus Terminal at Melville Street to make shopping much easier for its customers.

“As you go on you have to come up with new ideas to make your customers happy. We heard people complaining that Food Fair is difficult to walk over with groceries and we came up with (the) innovation of presenting the customer with the use of a shuttle bus.

“We have the Food Fair Shuttle which (goes) to the Bus terminal and … it has served the customers in a very special way.

Managing Director of Hubbards, Allan Bierzynski disclosed that some upgrading was done to the supermarket in recognition of its 50th anniversary.

“Our shelving has been heightened and that our displays have been rationalised and we are very impressed with what we have been able to accomplish within the last three weeks …”, he said.

“…Personally, I would like to see in the next few months that our existing point of sale equipment goes up a level or two and maybe if you come around by February or March you will see something happening,” he added.

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