Donation of Bilirubinometer and Nebulisers

MSuppliesThe medical students of the Urban Humanitarian Project (UHP) at St. George’s University, alongside the students of Iota Epsilon Alpha (IEA), SGU’s international medical student honor society, have donated a bilirubinometer and 16 nebulisers to the local Ministry of Health.

The bilirubinometer will assist in the early detection of jaundice, a common and potentially serious condition affecting newborns.

The nebulisers, which will benefit asthmatic children and adults, will be placed in hospitals as well as several health centers throughout the island making them easily accessible to all.

Six of the units are portable and will be placed in ambulances.

“If a child in an outer parish has an asthmatic attack, that child will have to be brought to the General Hospital in St. George’s to be nebulised, a trip that can take up to two hours for some,” said Dr. Feisal Brahim, faculty advisor to IEA/UHP.

“When these nebulisers are made available around the island and in Carriacou and Petite Martinique, such a situation can be avoided”, he added.

IEA is an organisation that honors students who have excelled academically and are willing to participate in various extracurricular activities, focusing on health and education in Grenada.

The Urban Humanitarian Project, which was started in 2010 by a past president of IEA, with the support of the Chancellor of SGU, has funded several national and international programs aimed at providing resources or relief and promoting education and health in Grenada.

The Urban Humanitarian Project is currently supporting many other projects, including the Youth Emergency Action Committee (YEAC), which focuses on youth development; the Mount Zion Library, which is now the public library and which will undertake an adult reading program; Project Grenada in their after school program; and a Diabetic Health Fair with the Grenada Association of Retired People (GARP).

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