Athletic Stadium to be ready in 2015

Grenada Athletics Stadium was completely destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004

Grenada Athletics Stadium was completely destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004

September 2015 is the date given by China State Construction Engineering Company to complete the restructuring work on Grenada’s athletic stadium that was left in shambles by the passage of Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

Officials of the construction company disclosed this to a visiting eight-member media delegation from Grenada that returned home over the weekend after a one-week visit to China.

The Chinese company emerged victorious in the bidding process for the stadium project to be funded by the government in Beijing.

The main scope of the work is to demolish the current sporting facilities that cannot be used and also to rebuild them along with pathways.

The local media delegation was told by officials of the Chinese construction company that things are on schedule to meet the deadline date.

“…So far everything is on schedule and the total labour of man power from China is about 100 people and we also included another 50 local people,” said Guo Baolin, Deputy General Manager of Oversees Operations of the Company.

However, he was quick to point out that at the beginning of the project, some unforeseen problems were encountered.

“At the beginning of the work we met two small problems, one is that the geological situation was different than what we expected and the second one is because this is a renovation project and not a new project, in the design there was some minor changes than the previous one but now we have overcome these problems”, he said.

“…Another problem is that the standard is different from ours so we met some problems in getting the material (so) … we had to transport those materials from China (and) it (took) a long time to get everything we needed on site,” he added.

Baolin pointed out that the work being done by the Chinese at the athletic stadium is primarily aimed at trying to make the building stronger and not to expand on the seating capacity.

“…The renovation work does not increase the seats but focuses on building up the space room for the media and also on the office, and also making the structure of the stadium stronger and also to make the pathway more suitable,” he told the visiting Grenadian journalists.

The athletic stadium at Queen’s Park is China State Construction’s first major project in Grenada but the Company has done other projects in Antigua, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago.

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