A special from Kaiso Bards for Christmas

The St. Andrew’s-based Kaiso Bards tent will showcase its talent from this Friday night and plans to hold regular public appearances over the next few months leading up to Spicemas 2015 in August.

One of the major leaders of the tent, former national and soca monarch, Elwyn “Black Wizard” McQuilkin told The New Today in an exclusive interview he believes this is the right tonic that is needed to help prepare for Spicemas 2015.

Black Wizard advocated the need for Grenada calypsonians to get out of the “seasonal thing” and to see the artform as one that needs “to be vibrant in the minds of people” as this can become beneficial to both  calypsonians and patrons alike.

“We want to keep the artform alive throughout the years, we want to get out of the seasonal calypso. We want Calypsonians to sharpen their skills cause most of the time a Calypsonian will sing for carnival only”, he said.

In addition, the former monarch said Kaiso Bards plans to use the venture to raise funds for the calypso tent for next year because “they always say we are not doing anything” in terms of fund-raising.

Over the years, the calypso tents have been relying heavily on the annual subvention from the Ministry of Culture.

According to Black Wizard, patrons coming out for the Kaiso Bards event leading up to SpiceMas 2015 can expect to see most of the regular Calypsonians who took part in this year’s carnival season making appearances but not all of them at the same time.

He highlighted some of the things that the public can expect at the first show to be held free of charge tonight on the grounds of the Deluxe Cinema in Grenville.

“…You know with the Christmas season, we gonna mix the Parang music and the Calypso – whether it’s Melee Parang or the Latin Parang, we gonna have a mixture”, he said.

The Black Wizard is confident that Kaiso Bards will always have a place in Grenada’s annual Carnival once the tent is properly managed.

“We want to keep the calypso artform alive so that by the time calypso comes around, people will be better prepared both financially and artistically and the mood of the people would be for calypso and the interest for calypso will be there. So we hope that we would have more support for calypso come carnival 2015,” he said.

2015 would also mark 20 years in the business for Kaiso Bards.

The next show for the Christmas holiday period for the tent will be on
December 13 and will continue once a month leading up to Carnival 2015 in August.

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