MPID to serve as National ID

The Multi Purpose Identification (MPID) card is intended to serve as the sole National Identification Card for Grenada, and all citizens are being encouraged to prepare themselves to get registered in the system.

The project which is being undertaken by the Ministry of ICT is targeting everyone on the island  to get involved in this new process.

Public servants and police officers have already been captured under the MPID and it is now the turn of the rest of the population to be brought under that new form of identification.

The basic information such as name, date of birth and address is taken from the registrant, and that individual will also have his photograph taken and fingerprinted.

The MPID is a project being undertaken among  the four territories making up the Windward Islands – Grenada, Dominica, St. Lucia and St. Vincent & The Grenadines.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of ICT, Jacintha Joseph in seeking to promote  the card said that it is being implemented to facilitate easy verification and travel among the Windwards grouping.

In speaking about the benefits of the MPID, the female PS said the card makes it easier for persons to do business with government online.

She said citizens will no longer have to leave from one point of the island to come to a government department to conduct business once they are registered with the card.

“It (MPID) saves citizens in terms of time, in terms of cost as most people will have to pay two, three bus fares to get to the government office and back to their homes, and sometimes you have to make more than one journey to get to the service that citizens need to access,” she added.

The Permanent Secretary for ICT  believes that the MPID will also enhance Grenada’s rating on  the “Ease of Doing Business” index.

This year Grenada’s rating fell to 126.

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