Attempt to Hack Chime FM Boss

P.O. Box 553
Woolwich Road
St. George, Grenada
TEL: 473 440 7746 CEL: 473 415 0631

November 16, 2014

Mr. Rawle Titus
Government of Grenada
Botanical Gardens
St. George’s

Dear Mr. Titus:

I write to confirm our telephone conversation on Thursday of last week.

At that time, I advised you that numerous attempts had been made by a computer at the GIS to install a malicious code on one of my computers. In fact, I would not be surprised if the number of attempts was over 100 over a three day period (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this past week).

This was done by dropping a file titled “NNP Files.exe” into my Dropbox. In order to have a witness to this activity, I brought in an IT company which confirmed that the file was originating at the GIS.

With some effort, they were able to isolate it, examine it and discovered that it was, indeed, a malicious code. Hence the reason why I called you.

Thank you for the promise to investigate this activity, and I look forward to learning of your findings in short order.

With every good wish,

George Grant

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