Over $1000 raised for Grenadian Teen

The children of the Grenada Montessori School organised another successful Halloween fundraiser.

This year’s cause was to raise money for Anisha Matthews from Apres Toute, St. David’s.

Anisha has a rare form of cancer called Nephroblastoma which is more commonly known as Wilms’ disease.

It is a cancer of the kidneys and requires surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Anisha has to travel and the treatment is in excess of $40,000.

The Montessori children dressed up in “fancy dress” and brought in donations in Anisha’s name upon arrival at school.

The total raised was $1105.00.

The children at Grenada Montessori School are required to fulfill a set number of hours in community service projects.

DonationAlong with math, geometry, languages and science, it is an integral part of the curriculum.

Community service allows the children a sense of purpose as it establishes connections to the world around us.

Montessori is an educational approach developed in Italy. There are 20, 000 Montessori schools worldwide.

The emphasis is on independence and respect for a child’s physical and social well being.

Grenada Montessori is a not for profit school. The school is headed by Susanne Curry whose parents paved the way to Grenada as teachers at McDonald College (Sauteurs) in the late 1960’s.

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