G’da to receive new fire engines

Grenada is expected to receive a couple of Fire Trucks from the Governments of Turkey and Mexico.

According to Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell, the island was able to secure the fire trucks when a Grenada delegation took part in a meeting at the United Nations in September.

Dr. Mitchell who is also the Minister of National Security conceded that the island is in dire need of some proper fire engines to do the job that is really required at a time of fire.

“I want to announce that we had approached Turkey for significant support for the provision of fire trucks because you know we are very lean in that particular area”, he said.

“The Police Commissioner has made (an) urgent appeal to me …and to government as a whole for the need to provide the equipment,” he remarked.

He added that the Prime Ministers of both Turkey and Mexico have indicated that they have already taken the initiative to access the equipment and very soon Grenada will be receiving the promised trucks.

One of the concerns often raised by local fire fighters and citizens is that the fire trucks often donated to Grenada are not built for the island’s terrain and the lack of competent mechanics to service the machines when they break down.

PM Mitchell gave assurance that there are plans in place to ensure that the trucks are well taken care of when they arrive in Grenada.

“We asked for certain types – now recognising the problem we had in the past, it’s up to us now to put a maintenance system in place and like everything else, we have been short with that over the years and therefore we have to do something about that and plans are being made to improve in that area of maintenance”, he said.

“… It’s like everything else, if you don’t maintain your roads, you are in trouble, if you don’t maintain your cars, you are in trouble, if you don’t maintain your fire engines you will find that it gives you less than the service that it’s supposed to give you ,,, so we will be working on this,” he added.

During the dry season when bush fires are more predominant in the country, fire fighters often complain of a lack of fire tenders.

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) often times issue calls for assistance in fighting fire from private sector concerns especially St. George’s University (SGU) due to a shortage of working fleet.

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