“Winning Against The Odds” – A Major Success

A cross-section of students at the Rotary Career Day

A cross-section of students at the Rotary Career Day

The Rotary Club of Grenada and the Rotary Club of Grenada East, in association with the Ministry of Education, embarked on the hosting of a Career Day, under the theme, “Winning Against All Odds”.

The day brought together over two hundred (200) fourth and fifth form students, from schools throughout the island, to the Deluxe Cinema, Grenville, St. Andrew on October 30.

What made this Rotary Career Day different from all others is that it specifically targeted “At Risk” students -these are students who are especially disadvantaged due to socio-economic and psychological conditions.

The Student Support Unit of the Ministry of Education, with assistance from the Counselors in the school system was especially helpful in ensuring that the program reached this vulnerable group of students.

The main aim of the event was to empower participants to have a dream and to reach their dreams, despite the difficulties they encounter, and to impart practical skills and techniques to succeed as job seekers and entrepreneurs.

The event began with an opening ceremony, with the Feature Address delivered by the Interim Head of the Curriculum Department, Ministry of Education & Human Resource Department, Maria Charles-Viechweg.

Presentations, discussions and a short film formed the major part of the Career Day’s activities, with each topic led by a qualified professional in the related field.

The two major sub-themes were:

– Preparing for, and facing life’s challenges

-Finding and taking advantage of business & employment opportunities.

The Career Day executed by the Rotary Clubs was done in recognition that youth unemployment is at an all-time high globally. In Grenada it is estimated at 53%.

The prospects of finding meaningful jobs or starting one’s own business remain challenging for most school leavers.

This is especially so among youths from underprivileged homes.

The aim of the Clubs is that at the end of this event:

*Participants will have a list of the economic sectors in which the demand for labor is highest

*Participants would have identified and understood key behaviours and techniques that lead to success in job searches

*Participants would have identified and understood key behaviours and techniques that contribute to success in the workplace

*Participants will have a list of the economic sectors with the highest prospects for small business growth; and

* Participants will have a list of the support Agencies for entrepreneurial development.

Presentations under the respective sub-there were:-

* “Preparing For, and Facing Life’s Challenges.”

* “Spiritual Well Being – The Foundation of Success” by  Rev Dr. Osbert James

* “Role and Value of Learning – Vocational and Academic Training” –by
Pastor Joseph Raeburn

* “Criminal Activities: Causes and Consequences, How to Avoid Them” –by Justice Margaret Price-Findlay

* “Tools for Success: Attitude, Deportment and Respect for Self and Others” by Mrs. Alice Thomas-Roberts

Sub-theme: “Finding and Taking Advantage of Business & Employment Opportunities”

* “What are Emerging and Growth Sectors in Grenada, and the Opportunities Therein?” by  Mrs. Cathyann Pierre

* “How to Start and Sustain Your Own Business” by Ms. Alana Wilson

* “Supporting Your Business Success:  Role Government Agencies and Departments” – Mr. Albert Andall

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