NTRC moves on Real FM

The move made by the state-run National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) over the weekend to pull the plug on Real FM radio station has left a bitter taste in the mouth of its operator Andre Donald for his colleague broadcaster George Grant.

Donald who was able to have the broadcast status of Real FM regularised in less than 24 hours after being off the air is not happy that the licence status of the station which broadcast on the assigned frequency 91.9 FM was made public by Grant.

Grant who operates Chime FM was forced to cease operations of the radio station two weeks ago while he was awaiting renewal of his broadcast licences.

The veteran broadcaster felt that he was unfairly treated while there were other radio stations awaiting renewal of their licences, and pointed out that Real FM did not have a broadcast licence.

A furious Donald whose station was back on air on Tuesday said the respect he had for Grant is now fading away.

He said he has had a close working relation with Grant and at the time he (Grant) was going through his problems with NTRC, he never called him to enquire what is happening with him.

“George did not even call me and say ‘J’ what’s up with you, what’s going down bro, you know well I got caught up in this thing, I will have to talk,” he was quoted as saying.

Donald who is an executive member of the ruling New National Party (NNP) has sought to politicised the issue by accusing Grant of being politically tainted.

“George Grant would have allowed himself to be carried down a path by individuals who were not necessarily supporting him, but they were supportive of a cause that they choose to jump on for political gains,” he said.

According to Donald, now that the veteran broadcaster has been “politically tainted”, he (Donald) would like to know if it is fine to have an NNP station operating in the north and an NDC one in the south.

THE NEW TODAY understands that REAL FM which was broadcasting illegally from Sauteurs in St. Patrick’s was owing NTRC an undisclosed sum of money.

Donald said the record will show that the licence for Real FM was previously signed in 2009 by the Minister of Public Utilities at that time who was Joseph Gilbert under the National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration.

He vowed that fire and brimstone will rain down for the next couple of days by persons he did not name if he is not left alone, as he is not prepared to lie down and die.

Real FM radio station is the third broadcast entity to come under the microscope of NTRC following Chime FM and the Voice of St. Andrew’s which is operated by David Allard.

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