TAWU represents Courts Managers

Courts officials together with TAWU boss Chester Humphreys signs agreement for union representation

Courts officials together with TAWU boss Chester Humphreys signs agreement for union representation

The management staff at Courts, one of the country’s leading businesses, could be spending a much happier and comfortable Christmas.

The staffers will receive a 10% increase in salaries and other benefits based on an agreement signed on their behalf by the Grenada Technical and Allied Workers Union (TAWU) and Courts Unicomer which now recognises the union as the new bargaining agent for Courts managerial staff.

The signing of the 21-page document with 27 different articles took place last Thursday in the presence of the Acting Labour Commissioner, Reginald Lord at the Ministry of Labour.

President General of TAWU, Chester Humphrey said that the negotiations between the two parties were done in a very amicable manner and the workers can expect a huge hike in their salaries.

“I am pleased to announce that this agreement witnesses a 10% increase for the employees over the period, which of course is quite an achievement in the context that everything that you know about in the economy,” he said.

The TAWU boss stated that the agreement that was initialed by both sides fairly represents the interest of the union and the business entity.

“The company was very fair in its dealings and therefore an agreement was reached without any dispute or any threat and I congratulate Courts for this”.

“…The Collective Agreement is really wide-ranged, it covers a whole list of benefits – we have interpretation issues, the union security functions, we have amenities, we have issues concerning fair employment, we have issues of how vacancies will be filled – there is a probationary period, hours of work, overtime, allowances, leave of absence.

“…There is a disciplinary code of conduct, there is grievance procedures, occupational health and safety, there is a contributory health insurance – covers both them (the workers) and their family.

Unicomer representative during the negotiations, Joann Small, praised the manner in which the process was handled.

“I am happy to say that we were able to do so in good faith. I consider the company to be a reasonable company and have considered all factors hence we were able to come to some amicable arrangement and conclusion to the negotiation,” she said.

Country Manager of Courts Grenada, Ann Marie Degale echoed the same sentiments as her colleague.

“The negotiations were very amicable, it was done in a very speedy time…all our deliberations were done in a professional manner and we are very pleased today that we can have this agreement.

At Courts we look after our staff and one of our main focus is to ensure that our managers, staff, everybody is comfortable and well looked after and this just augurs very well for that.

Acting Labour Commissioner Lord, who witnessed the signing of the agreement remarked that it is always a joy to see negotiation processes go smoothly.

“As you know we are going through a trying time and industrial peace is a serious pillar that we have to build on in order to ensure that we steer this economy in the right path”, Lord said.

“…Usually when industrial agreements are signed, it gives you a joy, it shows that tripartite arrangement is still working and over the last couple years we have seen a nice industrial climate in the country and we must compliment the union in particular for towing the line in order to save jobs in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique,” explained Lord.

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