ACM comments on station closure

The Association of Caribbean Media Workers (ACM) has been made aware of an order delivered to Grenadian radio station, CHIME FM for it to halt transmissions.

CHIME FM’s principal, Grant Communications Ltd, has reported that the order to cease broadcast was issued on October 20, about five months after the company had met all requirements of regulator National Telecommunications and Regulatory Commission (NTRC).

Grant Communications also reports that it was told by the NTRC that the order for CHIME FM to discontinue broadcasting did not originate with the regulator (although it was written on the NTRC’s stationery), but “was merely” delivered to NTRC “for onpass to the company.”

Given the apparent confusion about the origin of the order for the station to stop broadcasting, the ACM is asking the NTRC to immediately state the reasons CHIME FM has been ordered off the air, and to say whether the order did, in fact, originate from an unnamed third party.

The ACM is concerned that the regulatory system being administered by the NTRC could be compromised by arbitrary decisions taken elsewhere and which are not related to issues of regulation.

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