Show me your worst behaviour

The name of the monster hit soca tune by the Vincentian calysponian Skinny Fabulous in 2014 is in fact reflective of the player’s behavior.

The West Indies cricketers in the recent tour in India have decided to demonstrate their “worst behavior” and by so doing created a crisis of such magnitude that only God could save the West Indies from itself.

This bunch of misguided “baccanalist” who set themselves up as prima donnas of West Indies cricket have taken a decision to abort the present tour over a recently signed MOU that was negotiated by WIPA executive – the players association – their association.

The issue is essentially about a significant reduction in player’s salary. It is reported that players stand to lose a huge slice of the West Indies cricket pie in the future. I do sympathise and empathise with the players over the perceived lack of communication by their bargaining agent WIPA but that is their internal issue.

It is interesting to note that Wavel Hinds is the duly elected President and CEO of WIPA, who negotiated the terms and conditions of the MOU. So my great empathy ends there. I have difficulty understanding the players desire to “mash up” West Indies Cricket for a few dollars more.

Why in the name of heaven the players could not finish the tour and on return to the Caribbean sit down with the stakeholders and sort out the vexing issues that are making them unhappy. Are the players fully aware of the implications and consequences of their actions? Do the players want to see an irrelevant, impotent and impoverished Cricket Board?

Do they want to see an abandonment of all the development programmes e.g. the grass root programmes? Are they not concerned that if the Indian Cricket Board successfully sues the West Indian Cricket Board for the 65 million they are claiming, you might as well say bye, bye to cricket development for the next generation?

Come on guys have a heart! Money is important but money cannot be the only factor that provides for human advancement. There are other things in life that are as important – being our brothers’ keeper, equity, morality, fair play, justice and generosity. Some may say these are old fashioned values and have no place anymore in this selfish world.

Where is the patriotism? Where is the discipline? Where is the concern for the West Indies public and the future of West Indies? Is it a case of the new money culture that presently pervades our West Indian Society? It seems to me that money is the only thing that makes these players ‘thick’. Nothing else matters.

The present crop of under-performing, highly overrated and over priced players should not be allowed to hold the West Indies Cricket Board to ransom and by extension the West Indian public and those in the Diaspora.

At the moment the senior players earn approximately $300,000 US a year. This amount does not include IPL and “Big Bash”, other money earners. The junior players take home pay is between $100,000 – $150, 000 US. Perhaps only the drug lords in the Caribbean make more money than the Caribbean players. Please note that we rank number 8 in all three versions of the game yet those guys continue to make unreasonable demands on their employers.

I say to the West Indian public let the players know in no uncertain manner that their misguided, irresponsible, reckless and selfish behaviour is not acceptable. The West Indies Cricket Board should take strong actions against the gang leaders and start to build from the ashes with the likes of Craig Braithwaite, Kemar Roach and others who still value wearing the West Indian cap with pride.

The players should not be allowed to undo what Headley, Lloyd, Constantine, Richard, Sobers, Weekes, Walcott, Greenidge, Haynes, Lara, Ambrose, Marshall, Holding, Worrell, Gibbs, Walsh and others of that golden generation have done for West Indies Cricket.

I submit that greed and selfishness have no place in West Indian Cricket or any sport for that matter.

Cecil Greenidge
Former President of Grenada Cricket Association

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