Kem Jones speaks on the Marietta Mitchell issue

Marietta Mitchell - the wife of PM Mitchell is alleged to have made a complaint to the Police

Marietta Mitchell – the wife of PM Mitchell is alleged to have made a complaint to the Police

Radio talk show host Kem Jones has defended himself against allegations that he had harassed Marietta Mitchell, the wife of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell at a local hardware store.

A number of social media outlets and talk show programs closely aligned to the governing New National Party (NNP) have accused Jones of harassing the wife of the Prime Minister.

Jones who is known to be aligned to the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) often takes a close analytical and critical look at the programs and policies of the 19-month old Mitchell government.

Speculation is rife in some quarters that the programmes especially the voice clips of PM Mitchell and some of his failed promise are a major source of embarrassment for the regime.

A high-level NNP operative confided in this newspaper that the rival talk shows hosted by NNP are failing to combat the growing popularity of the Kem Jones programmes.
During most of his programming last week, Jones  presented an account of what took place at Ace Hardware where Mrs. Mitchell was doing some shopping.

He said he only became aware of the allegations leveled against him when he visited Police headquarters on Fort George for a meeting with Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) for Operations, Edvin Martin to finalise plans for a planned march through the city to call for the resignation of Health Minister, Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen.

Kem Jones - denied any wrongdoing

Kem Jones – denied any wrongdoing

He reported that just as he was leaving the police compound, ACP Martin informed him that ACP Michael Francois, the man in charge of Crime within the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) wanted to speak to him on another issue.

According to Jones, ACP Francois told him that he had received a complaint from the Prime Minister’s wife about an incident at a business place in the south of the island.

He said ACP Francois told him, “the Prime Minister’s wife indicated that I made her uncomfortable at ACE.”

Jones told his radio audience that he had no interaction with Mrs. Mitchell while conducting his own business at the store.

During one of his programmes, he said that he believed PM Mitchell was behind this whole thing and called on the Grenadian leader as Minister of National Security to protect his life since it might be in danger.

Jones played for his audience the recording of an individual who was in his company at ACE while the wife of the Prime Minister was doing her shopping.

The individual who was not identified by his full name but claimed to be a supporter of the ruling NNP party pointed fingers at a female Ace employee for creating the uproar.

He spoke of Jones identifying the Prime Minister’s wife to him but she was some distance away from them and could not hear the conversation.

He said the outburst made by the Ace worker drew the curiosity of Mrs. Mitchell and the employee proceeded to point out Jones who was already at the cashier to Mitchell.

“Nobody never ever uttered a word to Miss Marietta. We never called her, we never say good morning or evening. She was shopping quite in the corner, and Kem Jones called to me and said, Shabba this is the Prime Minister’s wife..”, the person said on record.

“…So it is the Ace worker that bring up this whole thing. And it is a sin for Miss  Marietta to say that Kem Jones harassed her after we never had a word with this woman,” he added.

Jones has also been complaining of alleged sabotage to his programmes on the local FM radio station that he currently uses.

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