GRENLEC gives back to the community

The Grenada Electricity Company (GRENLEC) has disclosed that most of  the $1.5 million allocated by the utility for its Community Partnership Initiative (CPI) for 2014 has already been used up.

GRENLEC bosses further praises and further embraces its Community Partnership Initiative

GRENLEC bosses further praises and further embraces its Community Partnership Initiative

General Manager Collin Cover said some of the funds were allocated for use on the Petite Martinique Reverse Osmosis plant and on getting an X-Ray machine for the Princess Alice Hospital at Mirabeau, St. Andrew’s.

GRENLEC has joined forces with the Nadia and Reynold Benjamin Foundation to try and secure a state of the art X-Ray facility for the hospital.

Cover told reporters that the utility company has committed EC$300, 000.00 to the project, which has the blessings of the Ministry of Health.

He said the 19-month old government of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell “is working on making sure that there is a proper housing for the unit”.

Cover also spoke about some of the projects, which received funding under the GRENLEC community initiative.

“We have done a model energy efficiency and renewable energy efficiency project with the St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School. We have replaced all the lightening with LED’s and they have installed solar panels on the roof and the project will be launched before year-end,” he said.

He added that $541,000.00 was spent on the construction of an auditorium at the St John’s Christian Secondary School.

According to Cover, the first phase of the project was done in 2013 and the second phase is being done at a cost of approximately $250,000.00.

GRENLEC has also put night lighting  facilities in place at the Non Pariel playing field in St. Mark’s, as well as classroom extensions for Bishop’s College on the sister isle of Carriacou, and the provision of Audio Visual equipment for the Hillsborough Secondary School.

Cover has made a plea for early submissions of financial assistance for community projects for 2015.

“As we roll in 2015, there will be other GCPI that we’ll be doing and persons who have these community minded charitable organizations, we are asking you if you have a project please submit it and don’t wait until the year is almost over, when all the funds are allocated”, he said.

“So if you want your project to get a chance to be considered, please submit early in the year when we still have funds that we can allocate,” he added.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of GRENLEC, Robert Blanchard said the Community Initiative comes from a deep philosophical belief that the major shareholder, WRB Enterprises has had for decades about the need to give back to the communities that they serve.

“This is how we’ve operated in every jurisdiction where we’ve done business and we’re proud that we’ve brought that to GRENLEC and Grenada and we can see the effects that it has had on the community”, he told reporters.

“…There is an independent committee that oversees the GCPI and that committee includes the government of Grenada representatives so that we can have input on important policy areas from the government and make sure we can try to address those also and without that committee’s work, I don’t believe the GCPI process will work as well as it does,” Blanchard said.

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