Benjamin Placed on $20,000.00 Bail

Carmol Benjamin - the youngster from Mt. Gay who was arrested by the  lawmen

Carmol Benjamin – the youngster from Mt. Gay who was arrested by the lawmen

20 year old Mt. Gay resident, Carmol Benjamin has been placed on EC$20,000.00 bail with two sureties by Magistrate Tamra Gill.

Benjamin appeared in court on Tuesday on a number of firearm related charges.

A police report said that the suspect was arrested over the weekend following an assault of another St. George resident on October 3.

Benjamin has been charged for the offense of assault with a dangerous weapon.

The Mt. Gay youngster is also facing two charges of possession of a firearm, and possession of ammunition.

A search operation at his residence led to the confiscation of two illegal firearms and a quantity of ammunition.

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) was active over the last weekend as several persons were arrested and charged for various offenses.

According to the lawmen, Navarij Logan, 26 years old and Madon and Dolland Francis of Grand Roy, St. John were arrested and charged for rape.

In addition, two persons were charged with stealing, four for wounding, one in connection with housebreaking and stealing and another person for housebreaking.

Several other persons were also charged with indecent assault, causing harm and robbery with violence.

As businessmen keep a watchful eye on the Christmas season and the time to make some money, RGPF has issued a firm warning to them on the illegal importation of Military-type clothing into the country.

“The Royal Grenada Police Force is sounding an early warning to importers, retailers, and the general public that it is an offense to import, sell or deal in military uniforms without permission from the relevant authority.

“Importers and merchandisers who are now in the process of restocking for the traditional Christmas season are to be guided accordingly.

“ (According to Chapter 194A, Section 3, subsection (2) of the Military Uniform (Prohibition) Act No. 9 of the Revised Laws of Grenada 2000, “no person shall import, trade, sell or deal in military uniforms or decorations except with the approval of the Minister.

“ The Act also forbids the wearing of military uniform and states “no person other than an authorized person shall wear any military uniform or any clothing having the appearance of or bearing any of the regimental or other distinctive marks of any such uniforms.

“It is also an offense to bring into Grenada any military uniform or any of the patterned materials commonly used for making military uniforms;

“Military uniforms” is defined by the Act as any combat camouflage or other distinctive dress generally worn by members of the Royal Grenada Police Force or any other police or military force and includes any wearing apparel designed to resemble such dress or any part thereof but does not include footwear.

The Police also issued a bulletin on the importation of Firecrackers and War-toys since they are considered as prohibited items.

The release read: “ As we approach and make preparations for the traditional Christmas Season importers and merchandisers who are now in the process of acquiring seasonal goods for sale, are reminded that it is illegal to import, offer for sale or make available firebombs/firecrackers/scratch bombs.

“ Over the years it has been the practice of business owners and vendors/ peddlers to offer for sale such items. The Royal Grenada Police Force is concern about this practice and appeal to such persons to refrain from the importation and sale of same.

“Apart from its use being prohibited, firebombs/firecrackers/scratch bombs can result in deadly consequences and property damage et cetera. As it relates to war-toys the general public is reminded that the ban on the importation and sale of such toys is still in effect.

“ War toys (Swedish Play Council) is defined as “all playthings which are used to solve conflict, gain power or win through violence and which aim to wound or kill.” Teach children to accept militarized world. Teach children that people who think or look differently should be defeated and that wars and killings are acceptable ways of dealing with difficulties. They create an impression that might is right – and in so doing denigrate kindness, conciliation, cooperation, skill and thoughtfulness of others”.

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