Teddy Victor points fingers at “Goat” and Peter David

Lester "Goat" Redhead – played a key role in the detention of the political activist

Lester “Goat” Redhead – played a key role in the detention of the political activist

The late Grenadian revolutionary figure, Teddy Victor has given details in his book about his arrest months after the overthrow of the Eric Gairy government and branded a counter-revolutionary by members of the disbanded People’s Revolutionary Army during the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution.

Victor who was from Vincennes was a founding member of the left-leaning New Jewel Movement (NJM) along with the likes of late Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, executed Foreign Minister Unison Whiteman and former Attorney-General, Lloyd Noel.

His book, “Deception on Conception” was released some months ago and after the death of Victor who soon became disenchanted with the course of the Grenada Revolution.

Victor’s legal representative, the late Michael Andrew had always maintained that his client was set up by PRA elements including some army officers.

In the book, Victor confirmed what many had suspected that he had a gun planted in his vehicle by the PRA who proceeded to arrest him and place him in Richmond Hill prison as a Political Detainee.

The following account was given by Victor on the day of his arrest in which he named two leading PRA soldiers – Captains Lester “Goat” Redhead and Peter David, now a practicing attorney-at-law as being on the so-called crime scene:

“By a telephone call I was lured from home to the disco that Sebastian Thomas was then operating only to have foisted on me an old derelict AK-47 rifle, by the OREL boys.

Having placed or supervised the placement of the piece of Russian junk neatly under the back seat of my borrowed VolksWagon, they waited.

Normally, I would travel through Providence to Vincennes but I travelled through La Sagesse to give a Miss John a ride home.

A vehicle was tailing me closely. Immediately after the Old Sugar Mill the vehicle sped past me, cut in front me, commandoes rushed out of that car with M16 automatic rifles blazing.

They emptied their magazines firing into the air.

I saw the flames from the rifles. I felt the heat. I had given my life to the struggle and I meant every word of it.

Captain Lester ‘Goat’ Redhead shouted, “Teddy, we know you are carrying a weapon. Don’t move”. I was calm, serene and was oblivious to the commotion around me. I was blank. I put my hand on my head and exited the car.

They supervised its placement there, snugly tucked away under the backseat of the VolksWagon.

Redhead began to expatiate and release those cliches he had crammed into his skull, “Teddy, you are a conscious counter revolutionary. You were the first Marxist in the party and if you were supporting the revolution we would have been far, far by now. So people like you must feel the full weight”.

My response to ‘Goat’ was, “If you all want to shoot me, shoot me. But I will not find it possible to forgive any little boy who raises his hand on me”. I considered all those soldiers kids. That’s what they were.

Another vehicle approached from the opposite direction, in it was Peter David. His remark went like a dagger through my soul. He said, “This is a man I always had confidence in.”

I pondered, ‘Does Peter David really believe that I am in possession of a weapon to be used against the revolution’? Is he saying that he no longer has confidence in me?

Within minutes I was taken to Richmond Hill Prison. Captain Redhead’s parting words were, “I am going for your partner now”.

He was referring to Anthony Mitchell. He was a longstanding close friend. We were friends during the upheavals of 1973-1974. Together we were involved in the Cooperative Farm of 1976-1979. When I was thrown out of the People’s Revolutionary Army in 1979, so was he and when I was picked up on October 15, 1979, and detained so was he.

During that 15-minute ride to Richmond Hill, the captain continued his tirade. But my mind was occupied with other thoughts. I was lured  into coming and collecting the weapon for Tony and so had the piece of junk foisted on me.

Did my friend Tony ‘Billing’ Mitchell’s efforts to secure a weapon screw me up? Was he caught in the process and forced to incriminate me since I was desperately wanted by the PRG?

Did Miss John upset some unknown plan or was she a plant? Where were they taking me? What defence could I offer? What would be the news tomorrow? Would I have an opportunity to expose the hypocrisy and deception of the PRG? The loud banging on the heavy gate brought me to my senses.

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