Q.C.Carol Bristol is dead

Queens Counsel Carol Bristol – died on Tuesday morning

Queens Counsel Carol Bristol – died on Tuesday morning

The legal profession is morning the passing early Tuesday morning of one of its long-standing members.

A family member confirmed the passing of Carol Bristol, QC following a brief illness.

Bristol and his son James Bristol, a former Attorney-General of Grenada, were the main lawyers in the law firm of Henry Henry and Bristol on Lucas Street, St. George’s.

The elderly Bristol once served as the Chief Justice of Grenada when the island returned to constitutional government following the collapse of the ill-fated 1979-83 Grenada Revolution of Maurice Bishop.

Grenada was forced to set up its own court system and put in place a Chief Justice of its own court when the Eastern Caribbean court withdrew its service from the island following the Bishop-led coup d-etat that was staged by his Marxist New Jewel Movement (NJM) on March 13, 1979 against the duly-elected Eric Gairy government.

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