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THE NEW TODAY has decided to respond to a statement put out by the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) which claimed that it carried misinformation about a young policeman who died recently with reference to his suspension and involvement in alleged acts of police brutality on one of the islands off the mainland.

We hold steadfast to our story that the deceased Frank was part of the officers of that notorious squad that was disbanded by the then Commissioner of Police, Mr. James Clarkson in 2008 after numerous reports were made about the activities of this particular police squad.

THE NEW TODAY interviewed a senior police officer who was actively engaged in the investigation of the feared 2008 squad that created panic in the lives of many persons in the country.
We have decided to put our certain excerpts of the interview so that the public can judge who is trying to hide something:

NEW TODAY: Was he (Frank) part of the team with (name withheld) that beat some folks on an island?

Senior Police Officer: He was part of the team on the island not sure if (name of police officer) was part of that operation.

NEW TODAY: Am asking because his folks are denying that he did anything wrong?

Senior Police Officer: At that point in time quite a number of civilians – I think we had statements from people before we acted. Quite a number of civilians were complaining about that outfit so we took reports and worked on them especially Frank who appeared to be the most brutal of the bunch.

NEW TODAY: We got a letter today from a law firm asking for an apology for naming Frank as one of those engaged in acts of brutality. What is significant about the letter is that you cannot make out the name of the person who signed it. It appears the letter came from Cajeton’s law firm. But you don’t know the name of the lawyer to write back.

Senior Police Officer: Well if the COP is willing – Frank’s file could be checked from his days in the squad and it also should say at what time he was transferred and why.

NEW TODAY: We are not worried.

Senior Police Officer: I don’t think you should because people knew about him.

NEW TODAY: So he was cruel?

Senior Police Officer: Yes, he was. I also believed he was involved in a shooting in the St. David’s area.

NEW TODAY: (EP) should keep quiet. We really don’t want to go after Frank.

Senior Police Officer: I think so – he has too many skeletons in the closet. Let him Rest in Peace.


THE NEW TODAY calls on Acting Commissioner Winston James to do the honest and honourable thing and allow the public to judge who is engaged in misinformation – THE NEW TODAY or the current Police Force under the influence of the NNP – by releasing to the nation for scrutiny the real files held by the Police Administration on Officer Frank during his tenure as a police officer.

We have checked with those who were running RGPF when the notorious outfit in the police force was disbanded by then Commissioner James Clarkson.

The facts will again show that Officer Frank was given marching orders from RGPF by Mr. Clarkson. However, the then Police Commissioner called him back to work after an appeal was made to him on behalf of the said Frank by other members of the Police High Command.

Commissioner Clarkson did accede to the request but after he had suspended Officer Frank  for some time from the Force and on his return to work transferred him to another unit within the Police Force.

We also note the manner in which Mr. James and his police force now under the command of NNP was able to respond to this report carried by THE NEW TODAY about the deceased who was the brother of a current Minister in the NNP government.

This is the same Mr. James who told the nation almost 19 months ago since NNP came back into office and put him back in charge of RGPF that he had launched a criminal investigation into a report made to him by a Woman Police Constable (WPC) that she was raped at a Police House in St. John’s by a senior police officer and subjected to sexual harassment by two other senior officers.

Acting Commissioner James told Mr. George Worme of this newspaper that he had been told by the Head of the Investigating Team that he had interviewed Mr. Worme as part of the Criminal investigation into the alleged sexual misconduct acts by the three police officers since it was THE NEW TODAY that had broken the story.

Mr. Worme flatly denied to Mr. James that he was ever interviewed by the Investigator and challenged him to find out from this so-called Investigator when and where this interview took place and to show him the files about this phantom interview.

The public also need to take note that two of the three senior police officers accused by the WPC in a letter sent to Mr. James as Acting Commissioner are known within the NNP Police force as strong supporters of the current government.

In addition, one of the two identified by the retired WPC as engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct against her has been promoted to become a member of the Police High Command within recent months under the very nose of Mr. James.

Will Mr. James release to the public the name of the police officer who shot and killed the civilian, Matthew Bain in St. David’s? If there is nothing to hide then release the name of the officer who pulled the trigger.

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