Murder at Berrote

Kareen Jacobs- can no longer enjoy the playing of music

Kareen Jacobs- can no longer enjoy the playing of music

The Jacobs family in the small village of Berrote in St. David’s is mourning following an early Sunday morning murder.

Dead is Kareem Jacobs who is 28 years old.

Police have arrested and charged Leroy Jacobs, 27 years old of the same village with murder.

Kareem reportedly died as a result of a stabbing wound.

When THE NEW TODAY visited the area Sunday night, it was discovered that the deceased was living less than 30 yards away from the victim.

Two nights later, the mother of the murder suspect was seen at the home of the victim assisting in serving light food refreshments for persons who came to mourn with the grieving family.

The father of the deceased told this newspaper that the circumstances surrounding the fatal incident are still not clear.

He said the two were known to be on friendly terms and were always in each other’s company.

He denied reports circulating in some quarters that the fatal stabbing resulted from a fall-out between the two young men while they were gambling in a nearby building.

The mother of the murder suspect also denied that a gambling dispute was responsible for the death.

Like the father of Kareem, she said that the two youngsters had an extremely good relationship and the killing has come as a big shock and surprise to them.

“If Kareem had something and my son wanted it, Karen will give it to him. And if my son had something and Kareem wanted it he would get it from him. That was the way they lived and used to get on”, she remarked.

According to the farther of the deceased, he personally spoke with the murder accused within minutes of the incident but he did not utter a word.

“All he was doing is just crying and crying. He just did not tell me what happened between him and Kareem”, he told THE NEW TODAY.

He said that a few of the other persons who were in the company of Kareem and Leroy at the place where the incident occurred are giving different and varying accounts of what transpired.

He hinted that something seemed to have gone wrong over the playing of music by Kareem at the place where the youngsters had assembled.

THE NEW TODAY understand that the stabbing took place around 4. 00 a.m in the early hours of Sunday morning and the deceased died later after he was rushed to the St. George’s General hospital for treatment for the wound inflicted on him.

Jacobs made his first court appearance in the St. George’s Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill.

He was reportedly remanded to the Richmond Hill prison.

Blondel Donald - disappointed his family members

Blondel Donald – disappointed his family members

Meanwhile, the man dubbed as the Andall Supermarket robber has made his second court appearance in the St. George’s Magistrate’s court.

Police believe that the arrest of 33-year old, Blondel Donald has helped them solve the mystery surrounding a series of break-ins at Andall and Associates Supermarket at Parade, St. George’s.

Police reportedly caught Donald who lives a stone throw away from the supermarket in the act, on the night of Tuesday, 16th September.

According to a police report, the robber “was found on the rooftop of the Supermarket”.

Donald has since been charged with housebreaking and stealing.

The suspect is no stranger to law enforcement officers as he had been in trouble with the law in past years.

When Donald made his first court appearance on September 19, he was remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison until September 29.

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