Hotelier not bothered by Chik-V

Rus Fielden – executive member of the local hotel body

Rus Fielden – executive member of the local hotel body

Local hotelier Russ Fielden does not believe that the raging chikungunya virus will sincerely impact the local tourism sector.

Fielden who operates True Blue Bay Resort in the south of the island told “Sundays With George Grant” that tour operators have not yet been expressing serious concerns about the virus.

He indicated that Chik-V is not a deadly disease, but it is an unpleasant disease which incapacitates some people.

“So far the publicity for chikungunya has sort of not been panic on the international stage,” he said.

The hotelier however noted that workers in the hotel sector are also being affected by the virus.

He disclosed that Sandals LaSouce Grenada which started operations within the past year, reported to him that 45 housekeepers were off the job recently due to illness.

According to Fielden, True Blue Bay Resort has a similar situation and that one member of his staff was hospitalised as a result of respiratory problems brought on by the virus.

The hotelier said True Blue Bay has put measures in place to make sure staff members who cannot work because of the illness to remain at home.

Fielden disclosed that hoteliers are taking all of the precautionary measures to ensure that guests do not contract the virus which medical doctors say are caused by mosquito bites.

One of the measures in place is to have air condition units running throughout the night.

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