Grenadian Band secures another first

By Garvey Louison

Having launched its album, Jerry Seales & Lifetime Friends Sons and Daughter, last month the Grenadian band has announced that its music is now available for sale over the internet. The album is now available on

Magistrate Jerry Seales – one of the few attorneys who is an accomplished musician

Magistrate Jerry Seales – one of the few attorneys who is an accomplished musician

The band follows several international bands who have chosen the web as the place to distribute their music.

Only recently U2 teamed up with Apple to launch its latest album at an event hosted by Apple to introduce its latest iPhone and Apple watch and Beyoncé chose to launch her recent single on the internet obtaining rave reviews.

As an article in the new issue of TIME reveals, Bono, Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr believe so strongly that artists should be compensated for their work that they have embarked on a secret project with Apple to try to make that happen, no easy task when free-to-access music is everywhere (no) thanks to piracy and legitimate websites such as YouTube.

Bono tells TIME he hopes that a new digital music format in the works will prove so irresistibly exciting to music fans that it will tempt them again into buying music – whole albums as well as individual tracks.

The point isn’t just to help U2 but less well known artists and others in the industry who can’t make money, as U2 does, from live performance.

The album is a compilation of music crossing several genre and time periods.

The album contains a touch of Soul, R&B, Funk, Kaiso, Reggae and a touch of Jazz.

Jerry is also the founder and owner of Seales Music School, the only one of its kind on the island.

He is well aware of the general culture where most consumers still prefer free music streaming services to paid subscription plans like the ones offered by Tunecore, Vimeo, Spotify and Beats Music.

210 million consumers worldwide use free streaming services, according to an estimate from U.K.-based digital music analyst Mark Mulligan, but only 37 million pay for streaming services.

Streaming is quickly taking over as the major money-maker for the music industry, with 70 percent of all digital music revenue coming from streaming by 2019.

Jerry’s niece Amanda Seales will form a pivotal part in the sharing of the locally produced and developed music. Her established linkages will be vital in creating the buzz and encouraging the proper
channeling of the music.

Amanda is an international Diva who has appeared on several top American television productions as both a guest and a host.

The two videos launched with the album are also available on the internet. The first video depicts the “Knock About” story and the second one tells the story of the “Darling Butterfly”.

The videos are currently available for download on the Vimeo video on demand Channel at a price of US $1 per download.

The album will be on sale at and several other online stores worldwide.

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