Proper accounting for Medical Supplies

Health Minister Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen is seemly concerned about the lack of proper accounting for medical supplies within the health sector.

Dr. Modeste who expressed her concerns during a recent GBN radio program said that monies are being spent to purchase medical supplies but the country still cannot see the benefits.

She disclosed that up to the end of August, government had spent in excess of $10M in medical supplies so far for the year.

According to the senior government minister, she was puzzled because after having spent that large amount of money, the hospitals should have a better supply of medication.

Minister Modeste-Curwen stopped short of accusing health workers of stealing the supplies.

“I want to throw out this question to the nation because sometimes we take too long to do costing. If we have spent in excess of $10M, if we have gotten support from Grenadians and friends abroad to the tune of in excess of four to five million dollars in supplies that they have given to us in beds, whatever, shouldn’t we have a better supply of medication at the hospital? This is my question,” she said.

In recent months, concerns have been raised with respect to the lack of medication and other supplies at the St. George’s General Hospital and other government-owned and operated medical facilities around the island.

There have been increasing reports of widespread pilfering of items at the General Hospital with a group of donors from New York in the United States complaining of theft of most of the 400 expensive sheets that were sent for use at the island’s main hospital.

One of the main organisers indicated that no further assistance will be forthcoming unless the Ministry of Health could get at the bottom of the issue.

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