Grenada eyes mutual trade ties with Nigeria

Grenada is ready to establish mutual trade ties with Nigeria in order to give both countries the opportunity to share and benefit from trade and commerce agreements.

Those were the words issued Saturday by a Grenada diplomat, described as a Special Advisor to Ambassador Peter de Savary of Inward Investment, Richard Hallam.

According to Hallam, “the whole idea of a chamber of commerce is to share business interest between Grenada and Nigeria.”

“I don’t know what they are right now, they could be many, it’s something we’re exploring, it’s something that is currently being set up and I’m hoping it’s something very productive,” Hallam said at the Grenada Citizenship Investment summit organised by Monarch in Lagos.

Hallam disclosed that, as a very small Caribbean country, “the Grenada government is always looking to other countries to help benefit from trade and commerce agreement.”

Explaining why it took this long to show interest in doing business with Nigeria, he said, “there are many countries in the world where Grenada has not gone. It’s just a small Caribbean country, so it’s not so very easy for our ministers to be everywhere all the time.”

“The new government we have now is very progressive. It’s a forward thinking development, friendly government. It initiated this Scholarship Investment programme which is enabling us to come to Nigeria and showcase Grenada to West Africa”, he added.

Ambassador de Savary has been appointed as a Special Agent by the 19-month old Keith Mitchell-led government in St. George’s to be part of its controversial Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme which focuses on the sale of Grenadian passports to raise money for the Treasury.

DeSavary was recently slammed in a high court judgement in which he was ordered to pay one million dollars in cost to a British lawyer and her husband in a real estate deal that went sour.

The English couple sued the Grenadian ambassador after he lured them into investing in his Mt. Cinnamon resort project on the promise that he was building a 250-room luxury hotel on Grand Anse beach and the facility was never erected.

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