Public Consultation on Constitutional Reform

The constitution reform Advisory Committee that is led by local constitutional lawyer Dr, Francis Alexis is giving the wider Grenadian community an opportunity to weigh in on the six items which the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) would like to include in the Constitutional Reform process,
After having held 26 public consultations earlier this year, the Advisory Committee submitted 12 recommendations to the Cabinet of Ministers for consideration as a means of going forward for a public referendum on changes to the constitution schedule for February.

Many of the items which the committee recommended are viewed by sections of the population as being less significant.

Among them are adding an “E” to Petit Martinique, and changing the name of Chief of Police to Commissioner of Police.

In a national wide address last month Political leader of the NDC, Senator Nazim Burke told Grenadians that there were more substantial matters that the advisory committee should go forward with in terms of constitutional reform.

Sen. Burke said his party which was represented on the committee by former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas would like to see term limits for the Prime Minister, a fixed date for general election, proportional representation in parliament, changing the Parliament from bicameral to unicameral, the need for an opposition leader at all times, and the tenure of the Head of State to be among the recommendations in any constitutional reform.

Burke’s address sparked public debates both on talk show radio programs and among the general public.
As a result the Alexis-led committee has schedule September 26 for a National Consultation to listen to the views of the peopleat a session to be held at the Grenada Trade Center at Morne Rouge, St. George’s..

Dr. Alexis who made the announcement during an appearance on a local television station on Monday night said that the national public consultation is open to everyone from all strata of the Grenadian community and all walks of life.

“We are encouraging people to come forward (to) share with us their views on constitutional reform … let your voices be heard”, he said.

The Head of the Constitutional Reform Advisory Committee told the program that his committee is open to hear from the people what they think about the six items proposed by Congress.

Dr. Alexis also disclosed that the Constitutional Reform Advisory Committee has received a formal submission from one of the interest groups on the committee for the inclusion of another proposal.

He said the committee is willing to listen to every concerned Grenadian as the door is not close until Parliament present the Bills for the planned referendum.

The Constitutional Reform Advisory Committee is made up of representatives of the Conference of Churches Grenada, The Alliance of Evangelical Churches, Grenada Trades Union Council, Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Grenada Bar Association, The OECS Bar Association, Civil Society, Media Workers Association of Grenada (MWAG), The Youth, Carriacou and Petite Martnique, Ministry of legal Affairs, New National Party (NNP) and NDC.

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