Another tourism booster from Sandals

Some of the Travel Writers and Agents who stopped off at Sandals

Some of the Travel Writers and Agents who stopped off at Sandals

A group of more than one hundred Travel Agent and Travel writers flew into Grenada on September 4 from Boston in the United States to tour the Sandals/La Source Resort to brief their North American readership about the upscale facility on the island in the Eastern Caribbean.

The programme which runs until September 24 forms part of Sandals’ Megafam programme in which the luxury hotels brings in different travel writers to visit their properties around the Caribbean.

The first batch of 100 travel writers stopped off at the Turks & Caicos island to spend two (2) nights at the Rendezvous that is owned by Sandals and then came to Grenada to spend only seven (7) hours at the resort located at Point Salines.

The group was exposed to Grenada’s Culture including a taste of big drum dancing, a taste of the local coconut, cane juice, as well as the local craft and art vendors who were brought in especially on the site for the occasion.

The visiting party was briefed by Sandals Director of Industrial Relations, Andrew Wade who said that there was a much stronger demand by Travel Writers to take part in the programme than was the case last year when it was first introduced.

According to Wade, the pool of travel agents and writers showed a preference to visit the new Sandals resort in Grenada.

“…The moment we put Grenada on the map they advertised Grenada as one of the top resorts”, he remarked.
He said the flights that were being used by Sandals to carry the Travelling pool to the Spice Isle were over-booked.

THE NEW TODAY Newspaper spoke to some of the visiting writers and agents about their impression of the new Sandals flagship property.

“I am extremely impressed with rooms with Butlers, private swimming pools and the lay-out of the Resort- it’s a paradise”, said one of the Travel Writers.

Another member of the party remarked: “It’s the top of all the Sandals we have visited and … we just love it”.

“The best! We were treated like we were celebrities; we love it and we would visit again, we love Grenada”, shouted another of the Agents.

The visitors gave an undertaking to promote Sandals in their publications back home.

Tourism Minister Alexandra Otway-Noel who met with the group of Travel Agents and Writers complemented the resort for its “magnificent service”‘

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