SGU to honour workers

A heavy financial windfall awaits all persons who worked over the years with the American-owned offshore medical facility known as St. George’s University (SGU).

Cheques amount to millions of dollars will be distributed to the workers on Thanksgiving Day 2014 – October 25 which is the anniversary of the sending of troops into Grenada by the United States with the backing of some Caribbean Forces to help restore democratic rule of law in the Spice Isle.

The Rescue Mission/Military Intervention was undertaken to oust a Military Council headed by General Hudson Austin that had seized power in a bloody palace coup on October 19, 1983 in which Marxist Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and three Cabinet colleagues were executed.

According to Chancellor Charles Modica, the financial bonanza will be given to all retired and present workers of SGU in recognition of their years of work at the learning institute.

Under the deal, each worker will receive $1000 for every year of service at the university.

The Chancellor made the announcement at a ceremony in which he officially informed the workers about the future expansion plans of SGU as a result of a new partnership arrangement with two major financial institutions.

Chancellor Modica described the gesture as the best way for the university to say thanks for all the workers have done to help move SGU forward over the years.

“…18 million EC has been set aside for special gifts for all the people that have helped us get to where we are today,” he said.

“The way we have decided to do it is to do it by years served. No matter what position you have in the University, whether you mowed the lawn, drove a bus, taught the classes, all full time faculty members, staff members and administration will receive a gift per year served”, he added.

The Chancellor praised the already highly paid faculty members for not protesting against the method used to make the payments.

“… I have to tell the staff people and people in various different jobs that the faculty which is generally the highest paid group here was not at all resentful that it wasn’t a percentage of annual salary or anything like that”, he said.

“I told them that it was going to be years served and not one person in that meeting and many were there, expressed any dissatisfaction. I want you to know the Faculty roots for you too and they are proud of you,” he added.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell who was present at the press conference announced that Cabinet would give a waiver and not tax the money that will be given to the SGU workers.

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