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LIME’s Marketing Manager hands over winnings to parent and child

LIME’s Marketing Manager hands over winnings to parent and child

Three students received Samsung Galaxy Tablets plus Broadband services under LIME’s back to school edition of its Structural Adjustment Programme.

The winners are Donna Alexis, Sharon Lewis, Paul Benjamin and Joycelyn James & Sean Lawrence and their children are, Reanna Alexis, Meloni Benjamin, and Keston James.

The major telecom provider held a ceremony at the LIME Spiceland Mall office to hand over the winnings to the students and their parents.

Corporate Communications Officer at LIME, Zoe Hagley said that the students will all be the beneficiary of a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Free internet, free installation of internet, free Modem, Free access to Caribbean exams and free security with anti virus.

This is the last month of the programme, which started in April.  It is aimed at providing assistance to LIME’s customers who may have financial problems.

Marketing Manager of LIME, Rolston Mitchell reminded the media that in order for customers to qualify for the programme they had to sign up for any post paid service or pay their bill in full and on time.

“Congratulations to all the winners thus far in the programme. Since the programme started in April up to today we have seen quite a large number of winners in our programme and we are very happy to have pledged to have help our customers to ease some of the financial pressures that they are facing,” he said.

One of the recipients of the programme, Joycelyn James thanked LIME for the assistance.

“Thanks to LIME because it wasn’t very long ago that my son took the Internet and we are doing very well, once again thanks,” she said.

LIME used the opportunity to talk about its back to school broadband offer and Mitchell explained what can be expected.

“Once you visit any of our LIME stores today you would see that we have 50% off on the installation charge on broadband which automatically comes with 50% discount on your fixed line.

“Also you are going to get free access to Caribbean exams, free security and a free modem and on top of all that you can still get a chance to win a Samsung galaxy tab”.

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