Increasing The Value Added to Nutmeg in Grenada

The Grenada Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) on August 27 hosted the first in a two-part, one day workshop on capacity building for business service organisations.

The workshop is part of a major nutmeg value added project (Increasing the Value Added in Nutmeg in Grenada) that has been implemented by the GIDC, with the support of the Department for Foreign & International Development of the British Government and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

The workshop titled, “Building the Capacity of Business Service Organisations to Manage Clusters” was attended by ten (10) organisations representing the public, private and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) Sectors.

The topics covered included, what is a cluster, management of clusters, how to identify sectors for clustering, benefits of clustering, steps in developing clusters.

Participants at the workshop were also briefed on the status of the ongoing cluster project, “Increasing the Value Added to Nutmeg in Grenada”.

A Video on successful United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) projects on clustering, in India was also shown.

The participants expressed satisfaction with the workshop and indicated various ways by which their organisations could participate such as promoting the clustering concept as an alternative economic development tool, provision of SME Tool kit, promotions of agriculture as a viable economic sector, financing and marketing support.

In addition to nutmeg other agricultural products were also identified for clustering.

According to Consultant/Project Coordinator and Facilitator of the workshop, Stephen Fletcher, the project is on track to change the fundamental structure of the food agro-processing sector in Grenada, by providing an innovative organisational framework, called clustering, whereby micro and small agro processors and other related businesses could work together to produce and export world class agro-foods products from Grenada.

The next workshop is schedule for the latter part of 2014.

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