Committee formed for Heritage Month

Former Chairperson of the defunct Grenada Board of Tourism, Jocelyn Sylvester-Gairy has been named to head a 12-member team dubbed the National Heritage Committee that has been set up by Cabinet to help raise revenue and create jobs on the island.

Speaking at the weekly post-Cabinet press briefing held at the Ministerial Complex, Minister for Culture, Senator Brenda Hood told reporters that the committee would spearhead all activities in the country that deals with the national heritage.

“As you know we have tangible heritage, we have intangible heritage, we have natural heritage and this committee is given the mandate to oversee the planning and implementation of activities for Heritage Month which will start next year 2015,” she said.

According to Sen. Hood, it will be the aim of the committee to have Heritage Month as a national activity and not hold it in only one area of the country.

The committee will also be comprised of a representative from Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GCIC), UNESCO, National Trust, Grenada Tourism Authority, Conference of Churches of Grenada (CCG), St Andrew Development Organisation (SADO), St Mark Development Organisation, St. Patrick Organisation for Development (SPOD), St David’s Organisation, St David’s Day Organisation Committee, as well as the Ministry of Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs.

Sen. Hood said that the committee will also undertake activities to showcase the widest cross section possible of the country’s national heritage during the celebration of Heritage Month.

“We have had a rich heritage over the years, and many of these heritages are perhaps not even recognised or known by people. This committee will make sure that throughout the length and breath of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, the public are aware of our heritage, the public has a better understanding as to what is needed to preserve our heritage and every year during the month of April you have a month of activities to really showcase our heritage,” she added.

The senior government minister pointed out that Grenada has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Columbia to develop St George and turn it into one of the country’s heritage sites.

“We started this many years ago and I think that the time has come now whereby we need to continue to do what is necessary – it (St. George’s) is so beautiful they said that we have so much to offer here in Grenada”, she told the press conference.

“…Sometimes we sit back and we complain and we say oh, we don’t have a lot but we have a lot to offer, I think what we have to do is appreciate what we have. What we have to do is to put the structures in place so that we can preserve it and to make sure that every Grenadian buy into it,” she said.

The female minister called for all nationals including the schools and various communities to get involved in the process.

The Willie Redhead Foundation at a recent meeting with Minister Hood suggested that government take a look at the remains of Parliament Building at York House and turn it into one of the heritage sites in the country.

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